Dialogue No.1

                      Dialogue between a Teacher and a Student
Teacher:       Hello Farah. You are a little late today.
Farah:            Yes, Madam, I am sorry for that.
Teacher:       Well, what is the reason?
Farah:            The school bus was coming on right time but it stopped and punctured.
Teacher:       I understand, it is not due to your fault.
Farah:            Madam, the bus driver had no jack with him.
Teacher:       Did you come by another bus?
Farah:            No, Madam, we left the bus and came to school on foot.
Teacher:       Very well. You are really a brave girl. Now let us start our lesson.

            Dialogue No.2

        Dialogue between Students regarding Prayers
Osman:         Well, now I would like to take some rest for a while.
Salman:         Ok. You take some rest while I fix this picture on the wall. Where is the sticky tape?
Osman:         Out there in the drawer.
Salman:         Well, I think this picture needs to be a bit higher up.
Osman:         It looks nice up there. Now let us go for prayers to the mosque.
Salman:         I am going to the market.
Osman:         No. prayers first.
Salman:         It is very urgent work. My motor bike is out at the gate.
Osman:         There is nothing in the world urgent than a prayer.
Salman:         Art is long and life is short. There is so much to do in the world. There is so much fun games, sports, T.V., Cricket, Films, Videos and Shopping. Sorry I am going.
Osman:         My dear! Prayers give us peace, hope, courage, freshness and goodness in our short life.
Salman:         I am tired of your advices.
Osama:          See, Allah has given us eyes, ears, heart, legs and brain.
Salman:         All right. I fear Allah. I love Him, too. I shall go with you.

Dialogue No.3

Dialogue asking one’s Way        

A:        Excuse me, Sir.
B:        Yes.
A:        Sir, can you tell me the way to the museum?
B:        Go straight on this road. Then you will see flag poles. It is Istanbul Square and the next building is museum.
A:        Thank you, Sir.
B:        I am much please.
            (A walks on but takes the wrong turn. He wanders for some time. He is much tired and upset. Then he talks to another man C).
A:        Excuse me, Sir, does this road lead to the museum?
C:        Yes. Go straight this way for one mile. Then you will reach Chowk Azadi. Then turn to the left.
A:        How far, do you think?
C:        I think it is more than two miles.
A:        Can I take a bus?
C:        Yes.
A:        What is its number and route?
C:        It is Bus Number 117. It goes from Chowk Azadi to the museum.
A:        Thanks very much.

                                                Dialogue No.4

                       Dialogue between a Brother and a Sister concerning Time
Ali:                  Tell me the time.
Fatimah:        It is 5 O’clock by my watch.
Ali:                  If you want to catch the train for Lahore, we must hurry up.
Fatimah:        What is the time of its departure?
Ali:                  It leaves at 9 O’clock exactly.
Fatimah:        Oh, do not worry. We have much time.
Ali:                  When did you get up?
Fatimah:        I woke up before 4 O’clock. Then I say my prayer. Now break-fast is ready.
Ali:                  For God’s sake, get ready! We must start at once. We should not

                        waste a single minute. Time is running short.


Dialogue No.5

5)                    Dialogue concerning a Tailor and a Customer         
                         (Father calls Yasser, Anne)         

Father:           You will hear a dialogue on the tape.

Yasser:           Father! What is it about?

Father:           This is about a tailor and a customer.

Anne:             We will hear it.

Father:           Ok. I switch on the tape-recorder.

Tailor:             Good morning, Sir, what can I do for you?

Customer:     Please take my measurement for a suit.

Tailor:             With pleasure. Sir! Kindly tell me the style and shade

of your choice.

Customer:     I like ordinary style.

Tailor:             Ok.

Customer:     What is your stitching cost?

Tailor:             I shall charge Rs.2000/-, Sir.

Customer:     Ok, I will pay you.

Tailor:             Can you come next week?

Customer:     Yes.

Tailor:             Very good, Sir. Good morning.

Father:           What do you say to that, kids?

Yasser:           It is very interesting, Dad.

Anne:             Father I shall hear it again and then we practice. Yasser will act as

                        the tailor and I shall play the role of the customer.