English                                              10th Class

                                                     Summaries of Poems

                        1)         The Rain

            The poem, “The Rain” has been written by W.H. Davies. The poet depicts the natural phenomenon of rain. He skillfully creates an atmosphere of rain. He says that everything has two aspects positive and negative. The wind also has two aspects. When it is in rage, it destroys everything. When it is calm and cool, it gives life to everything. The poet enjoys the musical fall of raindrops. He describes the discrimination found between the rich and the poor people. The poet says that, soon, it will stop raining. The sun will come out. Its beautiful light will brighten up each drop. The sun will shine in full brightness. It will be a love sight. The poet means to say that there would be equality in the society just like sunshine which will spread all over the world equally. The rich people will give due rights to the poor people. He expresses his hope of equality for all.

2)         Try Again
            The poem, “Try Again” has been written by W.E. Hickson. We should always try to solve the problem by trying again and again, until we finally succeed. The poet has quoted three tries in his moral songs. The poet says if at first you do not succeed, try again. Do not give up too easily, persistence pays off in the end. Failure is the good lesson for people to learn how to succeed. Failure is a good teacher. It will lead you to success. Try again is the gate way to success. Instead of quitting after your fail, you should learn from failure. It takes time to learn, to experiment and to succeed. We should not be frustrated because of failure. Nobody knows only success. “Try again” is the only way to be successful. If you do not give up, one day you will be successful.

                        3)         Peace
            The poem, “Peace” has been written by Dr. Hartmann. “Peace” is a metaphor poem. In this poem, the poetess describes reality in disguise of metaphor. Everything like wind has positive and negative aspects. Wind in the form of storm smashes every thing. In its rage, it destroys trees, fields and buildings. But when the wind is gentle and cool it gives lives to buds, birds and humans. We have to experience to enjoy peace. In the same way, a person who faces hardships of life bravely and keeps on trying, succeeds at last. Such a person is rewarded with eternal peace and pleasure. Hardships, sufferings and difficulties of lie help us to become stronger and stronger.