My School

My school is a place of great charm for me. I read in a Govt. High School. It has big airy rooms for students. The school is electrified. It has two vast grounds for students to play. More than one thousand students study in it. It has a well-equipped science laboratory. All the teachers are trained. Both the teachers and the students love their school. The school has many grassy plots with plants and shady trees. The headmaster has an inspiring personality. He sits in his spacious office. The teaching staff is kind and devoted. A room is meant for two clerks. They all come to school in time. The school starts with a morning assembly. The rooms of the school and its grounds are cleaned every day. This school has produced many leaders who are serving the people in all fields of life. I love my school.                                                                                                    (19 sentences)

                                                Girl Guides

            Guides is an organization of girls. Its founder was Baden Powell. His sister Lady Angnes also assisted him. Both the brother and the sister spread it to the four corners of the world. It is to make the girls aware of their duties. There are many programmes which mould the character of the teen-age girls. They attend many activities and solve problems. They learn how to keep themselves clean and healthy. They build their moral and social habits in association with their fellow girl guides. They learn home-making ability. They learn household skills like cooking, knitting, stitching and planning. They learn basic facts about courtesy and etiquette. Household affairs are given priority in this regard. It is really a very useful organization for our girls.                                                                              (13 sentences)

                                                A Visit to a Museum

            In Punjab, the Lahore Museum is very famous. It is famous for works of art and many things of historical importance. It is an old imposing building with a high ceiling. The objects of historical value are displayed here and there in big halls. A curator looks after the museum. An employee of the museum took us round the beautiful sections of the museum. Ancient swords, bows, arrows, daggers, shields, iron masks, garments and old coins are displayed in glass cases. Brief description was also written beside the objects. Paintings, pictures and clay models of the old craftsmanship were also attracting the people. There were seen beautiful statues of Queen Victoria and Buddha. There were many old manuscripts of the Holy Quran in a room. The gallery of the history of Pakistan was a most interesting place for me. It was very interesting. It took us to the days when our forefathers were struggling hard for our Pakistan. It was an informative visit which gave us a wealth of knowledge and insight.                                                                                   (14 sentences)

                                                A Visit to a Hospital

            Once a clash took place between two parties. Three or four persons were severely injured. I went to the hospital with my father to attend to a youth who had received head injuries. He was my cousin. He was in a sorry condition. He was lying senseless. The doctors and nurses were trying hard to bring him to senses. After a while, he was seen gasping. I could not bear to see him still bleeding. Some other patients were crying with pain. There was a great rush of visitors. The doctors were also telling people to vacate the room for their patients’ welfare. Some men were coming and some were leaving. They were in a hurry. The doctors were doing their best to cure the wounded. It was a sorry sight.                                       (16 sentences)


            We are living in an age of fashions. The people living in big cities have a craze for fashions. Then, this craze travels to the villages. The importance of fashions in our adults and younger generations is known first of all. They wish to look up-to-date and smart. The garment industry, attractive advertisement, programmes of television and films are responsible for promoting the craze of fashions. Shopping plazas and markets display foreign designs and fancy dresses. It gives incentive to fashions up-to-date dresses and fashionable garments are demanded resultantly. Fabrics, footwear, furniture, fast food and video films have become the fashion of the day. The glitter of advertisements makes everything look liked gold. Shakespeare told that the clothes proclaim the man. Hence we should go with the wind. To look up-to-date and smart is an appreciable thing. But we should not make it a craze.                                                                                     (14 sentences)

                                                A River in Flood
            The rains were raining in torrents. It rained continuously for fourteen days. The people were fed up after three days’ rain. They were expecting that the rain would stop shortly. The people were shut up in their houses in a week. One day some young boys raised a cry that the Ravi was in flood. The Ravi was overflowing. Water was seen entering the courtyards of the houses. Some low-lying houses were four feet under the water. The water level was raising. Some people were leaving their houses for safe places. Many animals and household objects were seen floating in the spate. It was a panicky situation and a sorry sight. The people were frightened out of wits. They were under the pressure of imminent loss of life and property. Many houses had given way. The rescue parties were taking the people to a safe place. Our brave military was also in action. The rain stopped after 14 days. The flood played havoc all around.                                         (20 sentences)

                                                A Dream

            Some days ago I had a fearful dream. I was sleeping soundly in a beautiful room. At midnight, I saw somebody entering my sleeping room. He awoke me from my deep sleep. I saw a giant-like man before me. He was asking me to hand over the cash that my mother had given to me for safe custody. I denied any cash with me. Then he caught hold of my arms and dashed me on the head to hand over him the cash. I had the cash but I did not want to give it to him. He took a pistol to shoot me dead. I was frightened out of wits. I was crying at the top of my voice. He silenced me with a slap and taped my mouth. Then, at the point of pistol, he demanded the cash in question. Upon my last denial, he was flared up. His pistol went off with a tearing sound which woke me up from my dream. I recited some verses from the Holy Quran in fear. Thank God, I was saved. It was the booming of a gun on the border.                                                                                    (19 sentences)

                                                How to Keep our Town Clean

            We should always live a clean and neat life. It is necessary for our health. Healthy effect of clean and neat environment cannot be refuted. It is said cleanliness is next to godliness. All advanced nations of the world give very much importance to neat and tidy atmosphere. It is the sign of civilized nation of the world. They not only keep them physically neat and clean but they keep their morals and character free of evils. They keep their residences clean as well as their surrounding. They learn the value of cleanliness from their school. They keep the rubbish in the dustbins. They do not throw any garbage out in the street. They know the importance of neatness. We should always adopt all ways and means to keep our town clean. We should take care of trees, plants and flower-beds in a park. It will benefit all of us.                                                                                           (15 sentences)

                                                An Industrial Exhibition

            An industrial exhibition is arranged every year at Fortress Stadium in Lahore. The factor owners exhibit their industrial products there. It is a wide place for exhibition. The community of Lahore can attend it easily. The outsiders also visit it to purchase objects of their choice. We made a programme to visit it. My family and I went round the brightly-lit stalls. Textiles and garments, electrical goods, handicrafts, glass-wares, furniture, sewing machines, stainless steel and household objects were among the exhibits. Heavy industrial goods, rollers, water pumps, tube-well items, motors and machinery were also displayed in the exhibition. The prices were reasonable. The products were sold on reduced rates. It was like a fair. Hundreds of people were visiting from stall to stall. Entertainment and food stalls have no room for customers. We bought a ceiling fan, a generator, some cloth and bed-sheets, some pictorial books, garments and some utensils. We left the exhibition at 12 o’clock at night.                                                                        (16 sentences)

                                                My Neighbour

            We have many neighbours but Uncle Ali is our next-door neighbour. He is a clerk in some office. He is a very wise, energetic and cooperative man. He is a thorough gentleman. He meets his neighbours warmly. He is good even to the children. He loves the children very much. He was married ten years ago but unluckily he has no child so far. He prays to Allah regularly. We never saw him fighting or quarrelling with anybody. Sometimes he brings us things from bazaar. He exchanges gifts with us and other neighbours. We invite him to dinner twice a year. He also sends us dishes of his choice off and on. He is a religious fellow. He loves Pakistan. He is well-informed. He does not poke nose into our affairs. It is why he is loved by all the neighbour. May Allah give him a son or a daughter!  (20 sentences)

                                    A Meena Bazaar

            Our headmistress holds a meena bazaar once a year. Mostly it is held in April. The girls put on their colourful dresses and come to school punctually. They are relaxed and happy as it is an off day because no teaching occurs. Many stalls for eatables are set up by the teachers and the senior students. The stalls are gaily decorated. Potfuls of food stuffs are arranged on tables. Tasty sauce is also served. These stalls attract the girls very much. They visit the stalls. They laugh and chat happily. They enjoy sizzling pakoras. Some things like fruit chat, chicken sticks and shami kababs are sold like hot cake. Some naughty and careless customers are kept under watch. Discipline is a must in such shows. An entertaining variety show is the last event. All the profit money is donated to the Rising-Son Organization.
                                                                                                            (17 sentences)

                                                A Road Accident

            Last Summer, I was going to Murree in a car with my friends. On a height, two racing buses crossed our car at a high speed. All of us got frightened. The careless drivers were running a death-race. All of a sudden, a truck emerged on the turn of the same road. The first bus struck against the truck. The second bus also struck behind the first bus. There was a loud bang. The three vehicles began to roll down. The cries of the passengers could be heard. We got down the car quickly and ran to the spot. We found pieces of human bodies there. Most of the passengers had died. A very few were alive but not in their senses. We phoned to the Rescue 1122. After sometimes, the police also arrived there. They took the injured people to hospital. Later on, the dead bodies were moved to the dead-house. We moved ahead with a heavy heart.                                                                          (19 sentences)

                                                Pakistani Women

            Pakistani women make half of our population. They are as important as men. They are taking an active part in national building programmes. Pakistani women enjoy a very honourable status in our society. They are working as teachers, doctors, nurses and engineers. Today, a good number of educated women are joining army and civil departments as officers. They are also becoming lawyers, judges and politicians. In villages, most of the Pakistani women do a dual job. Despite of their in-house duties, they also work out with their men in fields. They sow seeds and spray the fields. They pick cotton and harvest the crops. They graze the animals, manage the fodder for animals. They also milk the cows and buffaloes. Desptie their outdoor jobs, they never ignore their basic indoor duties. Their active participation helps them to uplift the living standard of their families. In short, Pakistani women are as important as Pakistani men are.               (19 sentences)

                                                A Picnic

Last year, we arranged a picnic at Jahangir Tomb. Our class had forty students. Only 25 students were ready to attend it. We hired a bus and reached at the spot. The entry was through tickets. We bought the tickets and entered the gate. We were very happy and in high spirits. Jahangir Tomb is situated in a big surrounding. Our teacher told that the Tomb was got built by the wife of Jahangir who was the famous Mughal ruler of India. In short, we chose a green shady plot and sat down. We had three crates of mangoes. We had a stove to heat rice and soup. We walked and had a chat. We went round the tomb. A student sang us a song in a melodious voice. Ali chanted a naat. Our friend Wali played on guitar. At six o’clock, we left the tomb happily. It was a pleasant picnic.            (19 sentences)

                                   The Teacher I like the Best

Ali is the teacher I like best. He is M.A. B.Ed. He is not more than forty. He is a perfect gentleman. He is tall, healthy and smart. He is always well-dressed. He always comes to school in time. He calls the roll. He teaches us English. His lessons are full of interest. He is an efficient teacher. He is kind to the students. He is broad-minded. He maintains perfect discipline during lessons. He encourages students to ask questions. He does not lose temper. He never abuses. He is a good sportsman. He is the incharge of our cricket team. He is very regular and punctual. He is very kind and sympathetic. He is a beloved teacher indeed. All the students respect and love him. We pray for his success and long life.

                                          A River in Flood 

                Last year, I spent a week with my friend in his village. It was a small village. It was situated on the bank of River Chenab. It was the month of August. The rainy season had set in. One morning, we went to the river. We stood there to enjoy the beautiful scene. It was flowing quietly and lazily. The rain was driven in sharp bursts by the rushing wind. Suddenly we realized that the water in the river was rising. Within an hour it had overflowed the banks. Its colour had become muddy. There went up a cry “water, water”. The Chenab was in flood. There was water in our big courtyard. Panic gripped the whole village. There were bushels on almost every head. Logs were seen floating fast. We ran back to the village to tell the people that the river was in flood.

                         My Neighbour

                Ali is my immediate neighbour. He is a doctor. He is a rich man. He is an aged man. He does not run a clinic now. He is a social worker. He always bears a smiling face. He is healthy and strong. He loves the children. He looks after them during the absence of their elder members. He is a handsome, middle-aged. He is a scholar with a vigorous zest for life. He always detects the bad character men to come near the houses of his mohalla. He himself attends a neighbour who falls ill. Due to these qualities, he is respected by all the young and the old. He is a real gentleman with a lot of goodwill. He has son and a daughter. They are known for their fine taste and good manners.

                                        A Road Accident

            Life is full of accidents. One day, I was coming home back from my school. When I reached the small crossing near the Hospital, I saw a truck coming from North at high speed. Suddenly a tonga appeared in the middle of the road. It was coming from South. The driver of the truck tried to control it but could not. It collided with the tonga and smashed it into pieces. Two men were killed on the spot. Some received serious injuries. The injured men were rushed to the hospital. A crowd had gathered. In the meantime, police appeared from a corner, arrested the driver and went away. Next day, the newspapers bore the news on that accident.

                                          A Meena Bazaar

At our school, a meena bazaar was held in the first week of March. We had been preparing for meena bazaar for a month. Last Sunday, the fixed day arrived. It was held to collect money for the Hilal-i-Ahmar. We were the shopkeepers as well as the customers during the whole show. The girls brought tasty eatables like fruit-chat, sizzling pakoras, shami kababs etc. from their homes. Senior students had assistants with them. They set up the stalls and sold the things to the customers. Girl shopkeepers were surprisingly alert and efficient. Our teachers had their stalls too. They sold bangles, rings, hairpins and handkerchiefs etc. It had been a great fun. Every one was gorgeously attired. At the end, the Headmistress made a speech. Out Headmistress denoted the sale money to a charitable organization. She thanked the visitors and the students who participated in the function.

                                       A Picnic (A Picnic Party)
                     The Happiest Day of My Life

          We decided to go out for a picnic at the Jallo Park last Friday. The rainy season had washed the trees and carpeted the ground with green grass. We took with us some fruit, sweet and utensils. We reached there and selected a beautiful spot for headquarter. A dari was spread out and we put all our luggage there. The Park was clean. Flowers were smiling everywhere. The waves were jumping and dancing in the lake. Everyone was happy and gay. We ran around like deer and inhaled fresh air. We played Badminton, Foot-ball, Chess, Cards and Ludoo etc. After two hours, we were fell hungry. We ate hearty meal. After meal, we all once again set out for enjoyment here and there. The nature was naked and we enjoyed a lot. In the afternoon, we had a tea with sizzling pakoras. The shades of night were falling and we returned home merrily. This was really the happiest day of my life.

                          A House on Fire  

                Yesterday I was going to school. When I was only a few yards from the school, I heard some persons crying “fire”, “fire”. I saw that a house near my house was on fire. A large number of people had already gathered there. Some men were throwing water to put out the fire. Some were bringing valuable things out of the house. The inmates were running hither and thither crying for help. I, too, began to throw water on the fire but in vain. After an hour the fire-brigade reached the spot. The fire fighters began to throw water on the fire by means of their houses. At last, it was extinguished after about half an hour. Luckily, there was no loss of life. The loss of property was about 50,000 rupees.

                           A Visit to the Zoo

                It was Friday and we had a holiday. We decided to visit to the zoo. So Ali, Ahmad and I went there. We bought tickets and went in. A crowd of visitors was already there. They were enjoying to see the cages of birds, animals and beasts. There were birds of different colours. We also saw deer and rabbits which were playing here and there. Close by them, were cages of monkeys. We threw some grams to them. Then we went to the cages of lions and tigers. They were roaring. We saw many beautiful birds. We saw snakes, pigeons and zebras. Lastly, we saw two huge elephants. They were eating sugarcane. We had a ride on the elephant. We enjoyed the visit very much. It took us three hours to go round the zoo. After this, we took our way home.

                                                Girl Guides

Girl Guides is a British organization of girls. Guides like scouting, is a movement for girls. It started in 1910. Mr. Baden Powell and his sister were its organizers. The main purpose of this movement is to make the school going girls aware of their duties. A member, a girl guide, is given a variety of programmes that shape her character. A girl guide spends some time in a camp out of her house. She learns how to keep herself clean and healthy. In association with other girl guides, she learns the facts of civilization, courtesy and etiquettes. She learns household skills like cooking, knitting, stitching, planning and maintenance. They are provided variety of programmes to improve their capabilities. In fact, this movement is very useful for a nation.

A Street Quarrel

                Street quarrel is very common in our social life. Last Friday, as it was holiday, some children were playing in our street. Ali and Aslam began to quarrel on having their turn first. Soon they began to exchange blows. Ali hit Aslam on his nose. In the meantime, the elder brother of Aslam came there. He began to beat Ali. The parents of both Ali and Aslam rushed there. They began to quarrel. From hot words, they came to blows. The father of Ali was injured. He fell down senseless. The other party ran away to escape from police. Next day, both Ali and Aslam were sitting on the same bench in school. They were playing together but their parents were not on good terms. I thought that children are wiser than grown-ups.

A Fortune Teller

            Everyone hopes for one’s bright future. In the state of complete despair, this urge to know about future becomes strong. The fortune-tellers avail the opportunity.  Fortune-tellers, Palmists, Parrot with cards, have their own peculiar tactics. We can see these fortune-tellers everywhere in big cities. The fortune-telling is entirely fraud except those who have some knowledge of Palmistry. They pretend to have the knowledge of stars and these stars have great effects on their lives. Every successful fortune-teller is a psychologist. He tries to guess the problem of a customer. Then he gives him slight hope of relief in his trouble or ambition. Villagers often become their victims. The illiterate poor folk feel satisfied when he tells them that they will get a job, a wife, a son, house, or land etc.

Morning Walk

A morning walk is our need. It keeps us fit and healthy. Because of it, I go for a walk daily. I get up early in the morning. I say my prayer and recite the Holy Quran. Then I put on my easy dress and fleet. I call on my dear friend, Ali. We go for a walk together. We go to a park. It is one and a half kilometer from our houses. We walk fast and in half. We reach the park in half an hour. We take one or two rounds of the park. Then, we take some exercises. We see beautiful flowers and singing birds. We breathe in fresh air. We enjoy the atmosphere. We return home happily. It, really, refreshes and prepares us for the daily work. It whets our hunger. It makes us healthy. It is necessary for all of us.

The Foolish Stag

 Once there was a strong stag. He was very proud of his horns. One day, he was drinking water on a pond. He saw his ugly and thin legs in the water. He was very sad to see them. Just then, he saw some hounds rushing towards him. He ran fast as he could. The hounds were chasing him. The foolish stage ran and ran faster. In a jungle, his beautiful horns stuck into the branches of a tree. He tried hard to free himself but all in vain. Meanwhile, the hounds reached and tore him into pieces. The ugly legs tried to save him but his beautiful horns put him to death.

Moral: All that glitters is not gold.