English                                                          9th Class

   Use of Words, Phrases & Idioms

Q.5      Use any Five of the following words / phrases / idioms in your own sentences:                                                                                                             5

Unit 1:         The Saviour of Mankind          (Book Page-8)

1)         Century                                  It is the 20th century. I am studying the history of
                                                            the fifth century of Japan.

2)         Conquest                              After the conquest of Makkah, Islam spread all
                                                            over the world. The conquest of Sindh by
                                                            Muhammad Bin Qasim is a great event in Indian

3)         Influential                              The Holy Prophet (SAW) is the most influential
                                                            figure in history. Quaid-e-Azam is an influential

4)         Determination                      Determination and hard work makes a nation
                                                            strong. Sultan Tipu fought against the English
                                                            with determination and courage.

5)         Delegation                            Pakistan sent a business delegation to China. A
                                                            delegation of teachers met the Secretary,
                                                            Education, Govt. of the Punjab, yesterday.

6)         Quietly                                   The students listened to their teacher quietly. He
                                                            left his house quietly and went to the forest.

7)         Urge                                       I urged my sister to stay at my home. He has a
                                                            strong urge to eradicate wrong beliefs from the

8)         Ignorance                              Our government is fighting against poverty and
                                                            ignorance. The society was engulfed in the
                                                            darkness of ignorance. He had a pressing urge to
                                                            eradicate wrong beliefs from society.

Unit 2:         Patriotism         (Book Page-16)

1)         Sacrifice                                We should sacrificed our lives for the country.
                                                            Major Aziz Bhatti sacrificed his life for the freedom
                                                            of Pakistan.

2)         Commendable                   Patriotism is a commendable quality.
                                                           His performance is commendable.
                                                           Your devotion to your country is commendable.

3)         Prosperity                              We should work hard for the progress and
                                                            prosperity of Pakistan.

4)         Invasion                                 We should always be ready to defend foreign
                                                            invasion. The spirit of patriotism makes people
                                                            alert in the wake of foreign invasion.

5)         Motherland                            I live in my motherland.

6)         Responsible                         We need a responsible government in Pakistan.
                                                            We will be held responsible for our deeds.

7)         Nationalism                          Sense of nationalism inspires the spirit of
                                                            patriotism. The Muslims believe in Islamic
                                                            brotherhood not in nationalism.

Unit 3:         Media and Its Impact         (Book Page-26)

1)         Geared up                             All the students were geared up to listen their

2)         Global  village                       The world has become a global village due to
                                                            fastest electronic media.

3)         A click away                          Buying and selling is just a click away through

4)         Constructive role                  Media plays a very constructive role in our

5)         Raise awareness                 Media raises awareness about many social
                                                            issues like corruption, terrorism, child labour, etc.
6)         To keep an eye                     We should keep an eye over enemy.

7)         A mouth piece of                 Media has also become a mouth piece of the
             the downtrodden                  downtrodden.

Unit 4:         Hazrat Asma (RAU)         (Book Page-40)

1)            Mad with anger                        Abu Jehl was made with anger when Holy
                                                Prophet (SAW) had migrated to Madinah safely.
                                                Ali was mad with anger and tore his termination
                                                orders. Fozia was made with anger when her son
                                                broke the glass.

2)         Reveal the secret                 Hazrat Asma (RA) did not reveal the secret. Every
                                                            government expects his embassador that
                                                            he would not reveal the secrets of his country.
                                                            We should not reveal the secrets of our country.

3)         Resolute                                I have a resolute faith in Allah that he would listen
                                                            to my prayers.

4)         Alleviate                                 The present government cannot alleviate the
                                                            miseries of the poor.

5)         Migration                               The migration of the Holy Prophet (SAW) from
                                                            Makkah to Madina was a great significance.

6)         Companion                           He was my companion on journey. Hazrat Abu
                                                            Bakr was a close companion of the Holy Prophet

7)         Refuge                                   On the arrival of the British army Ali took refuge in
                                                            a forest.
8)         Gave away                            He gave away all his money as alms. He gave
                                                            away all his money among the poor and
                                                            the needy. He gave away all his money in charity.

9)      Determined                           The government is determined to eradicate
                                                            corruption in the country.

10)      Courage                                I faced every calamity of life with patience and

11)      Emptiness                             The emptiness of the house scared my sister.                          

12)      Difficulty                                He is speaking slowly and with great difficulty.                        

13)      Generosity                             Islam lays great stress on generosity.                             

14)      Resolution                            I made a resolution to visit my relations more

15)      Suffering                               He could not face the sufferings of life and died

Unit 5:         Daffodils         (Book Page-57)

1)         Behind                                   He was standing behind me.

2)         Beside                                    She was standing beside me.

3)         Next to                                    He was sitting next to me.

4)         Under                                     The cat is under the table.

5)         Over                                        Go over your less once more.

6)         Along                                     Come along. Come with me.

7)         Across                                    My home is across the bridge.

Unit 6:         The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan    (Book Page-66-70)

1)         Bits and pieces                     Muslim countries are divided into bits and pieces
                                                            these days. Aslam stuffed all his bits and pieces
                                                            into his bag.

2)         Man in the street                  The government does not understand the
                                                            problems of the man in the street.

3)         Raising spirit                         The Quaid left no stone unturned in raising the
                                                            spirit of the Muslims of the sub-continent. The
                                                            raising spirit in our team is enough to tell that we
                                                            shall be the winners.

4)         Pass through                         Pakistani nation has been passing through a
                                                            difficult period for some years.

5)         Fall a prey                             He fell a prey to T.B. and died. If we fall a prey to
                                                            corruption, our nation cannot make progress.

6)         Saw                                        I saw him play.

7)         Promised                               He promised to help me.

8)         Wanted                                  She wanted to study further.

9)         Began                                    It began to rain heavily.

10)      Asked                                     I asked him to write a letter.

11)      Told                                        He told me to go to the mosque.

12)      Decided                                 I decided to do business.

Unit 7:         Sultan Ahmad Mosque         (Book Page-77)

1)         Impressive                           The doctor has a very impressive personality.
                                                            She is very impressive.
                                                            Her reply was very impressive.

2)         Dexterously                           She works dexterously at knitting work.

3)         Spacious                               I work in a very spacious basement.

4)         Humility                                 Hazrat Asma (RA) was a model of humility.

5)         Flamboyant                           She wears flamboyant dress to attract the
                                                            attention of others.

Unit 9:         All is not Lost         (Book Page-98)

1)            A young professional          Ali is a young professional player.

2)            With utter surprise               I looked at my lost brother with utter surprise.

3)            Severe head and                 Ali received severe head and spinal injuries
spinal injuries                    in a car accident.

4)            A normal person                  Exercise might help her walk like a normal

5)            A small recovery                  The patient showed a small recovery after a

6)            A big smile                            He met me with a big smile on his face.

7)            Fight a lost war                     There was no hope of Azra’s recovery from illness
                                             But her doctor fought a lost war.

8)            A hopeless case                  She is a hopeless case according to the decision
                                            of heart specialist.

9)         Care (V)                                 She takes care of her children.

            Care (N)                                 He is free from cares.         

10)      Walk (V)                                 He is too weak to walk.                                          

            Walk (N)                                 Let’s go for a walk.
11)      Surprise (V)                           The army attacks at night to surprise the rabels.

            Surprise (N)                          I have a surprise for you.
12)      Request (V)                           I requested him to help me in this matter.          

            Request (N)                          He made a request for further aid.

13)      Need (V)                                I need your help.                             

            Need (N)                                We are in urgent need of nurses for this hospital.

14)      State (V)                                 The facts have been clearly stated in this report.

            State (N)                                She is in a state of shock.                         

Unit 10:         Drug Addiction         (Book Page-109)

1)         Who                                        The girl who is wearing a green dress is my

2)         Which                                      The River Ravi which is in Lahore, is dry now.

3)         That                                        Aslam likes the mangoes that her father brought
                                                            from the market.

4)         Whom                                     Ali is the boy whom I met on the bus.

5)         Whose                                   This is the table whose top was changed.

Unit 11:         Noise in the Environment         (Book Page-119)

1)         Since                                      Ali has not phoned me since he went to Lahore.


2)         Unless                                   I shall not forgive him unless he speaks the truth.
                                                            You cannot speak English unless you learn

3)         Though                                  He loves Ali, though he often annoys him.

5)         As                                           He could not go to school as he was ill.

6)         When                                     My father died when I was seven years of age.

7)         After                                        I shall call you after I have spoken to her.

                        English                                                          Part-II             9th Class
                        Use of Words, Phrases & Idioms
Q.5      Use any Five of the following words / phrases / idioms in your own sentences:                                                                            5

Unit 1:         The Saviour of Mankind

1)         Unparalleled                         The Taj Mahal Agra is an unparalleled historic
                                                     monument in the world.

2)         Trackless                               Arabia is a land of trackless deserts of sand

3)         Dunes                                     Arabia is a land of trackless deserts of sand

4)         Dazzling                                I could not see anything in the dazzling light.

5)         Tropical                                  Pakistan is a sub-tropical country.

6)         Remarkable                          This area is remarkable for its natural scenery.

5)         Eloquence                            The Arabs were famous for their eloquence.
                                                            He made an eloquence speech in the U.N.

Eloquent                                Our teacher is an eloquent speaker.

6)         Profound                               He has a profound knowledge of Islam.

7)         Caring                                    How can I forget my caring grand-father?

8)         Spiritual                                 There is lack of spiritual people in this age.

9)         Worldly                                   Do not take much interest in worldly affairs.

10)      Embodiment                         Hazrat Asma (RAU) was an embodiment of
                                                            modesty and patience.

11)      Undertaken                           Abu Talib has undertaken to look after his
                                                            orphan nephew.

12)      Chaos                                     The Muslim world is facing chaos created by the

Unit 2:         Patriotism         

1)            A live spirit                             Patriotism is a live spirit.

2)            Instance                                 We follow her instance of patience, wisdom and

3)         Stay alert                               We should always stay alert in the wake of
                                                            foreign invasion.

4)         Devotion                               

2)         Commendable                     His performance is commendable.

6)         Patriotism                              One cannot make progress in the world
                                                            without patriotism.

7)         Patriot                                     Aziz Bhatti was a great patriot. Quaid-e-Azam
                                                            was a nation builder and a great patriot.

8)         Fidelity                                   Patriotism demands fidelity towards one’s

Unit 3:         Media and Its Impact

  • Vigilant institution                Our army is a vigilant institution for our enemy.

  • Constructive role                  We should always adopt constructive role in                                                  
  •                                                every field of life.

  • Identity                                   We created Pakistan for our identity.

  • Switch                                    He should not switch on TV all the day.

  • Share knowledge                We should share knowledge with one another.

  • 1)         Impact                                    The impact of bad company is very dangerous.

  • 3)         Integral                                   Sincerity is an integral part of our friendship.   
            • Media has become an integral part of our lives.                         

    • Entertainment                      TV and Radio give us entertainment.

                        As Adjectives

  • 6)         Clean                                     Cats are very clean animals.

  • 7)         Late                                        He is a late comer.

  • 8)         Early                                       I am a early riser.

  • 9)         Only                                        Ali is the only son of his parents.

  • 10)      Fast                                        He is a fast bowler.

  • 11)      Long                                       It is a long story.

  • 12)      Loud                                       It is a loud sound.

As Adverbs

  • 13)      Clean                                     I folded my clothes clean and neat.

  • 14)      Late                                        He came late last night.

  • 15)      Early                                       I cannot come early to attend the meeting.

  • 16)      Only                                        I accepted this proposal only in my interest.

  • 17)      Fast                                        He runs fast.

  • 18)      Long                                       Stay here as long as you like.

  • 19)      Loud                                       I had to play piano loud.


Unit 4:         Hazrat Asma (RAU)

1)            Violently                                Abu Jehl was knocking at the door violently.

2)            A beacon of light                  Hazrat Asma’s life is a beacon of light for all the

3)            Empty-handed                     We cannot live empty-handed.

4)            In a fit of fury                         The Hercules murdered his family in a fit of fury.

5)            Delicate                                 The grand task she undertook was very difficult
                                                and delicate.

6)            Poses                                     The murderer poses to be innocent.

7)            Infuriated                               His bad response infuriated me.

8)            Captured                               The thief was captured. The army captured the

9)            Generous                              His generous behaviour made him popular.

10)         Alleviated                              Her nice attitude alleviated my worries.

11)      Perilous                                 She undertook the perilous journey for the last
                                                            Prophet (SAW).

12)      Migration                               On the night of migration, the Holy Prophet (SAW)
                                                            and his companion, Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) took
                                                            refuge in the cave of Thawar. They migrated to

13)         Supply                                   The electricity supply has been cut off to this

14)         Peril                                        The economy of our country is in grave peril.

15)         Danger                                   India is a danger to Pakistan.

16)         Fury                                        Fury makes a man blind.

17)         Adventure                             He told me a story of the adventures of Sind.

18)         Demand                                There is no demand of sugar in this city.

19)         Revelation                             It was a revelation to me that he was spying for
20)         Alleviation                             The present government is trying its utmost for
                                                            the alleviation of the miseries of the common

21)         Relief                                     I sighed with relief on the safe arrival of my son
                                                            from Karachi.

22)         Knowledge                            I have no knowledge of the Indian History.

23)         Grandeur                               The Badshahi Masjid is an example of the
                                                grandeur of the Mughal architecture.

24)         Information                           Television shares latest news and information
With the audience.

25)         Venture                                  Every night, with the pack of food, she would
                                                  quietly venture towards the rugged mountains in
                                                          which lay the cave of Thawr.

26)         Instantly                                 They left the site instantly. At this, she instantly
                                                            ran to a corner of the home.

27)      Detect                                     How will you detect your enemy living with you?

28)      Steadfast                               She stood steadfast and did not reveal the

29)      Determined                           She was determined to make the journey

Unit 5:         Daffodils

  • Bliss of solitude                    Pleasant recollections of beautiful sights are bliss
            • of solitude for me.

  • Pensive mood                      She is always seen in pensive mood.

  • Out-did                                   The daffodils out-did the dancing waves.

  • 7)         Solitude                                 We cannot live a happy life in solitude.

  • 8)         Gaze                                       The cow gazed the grass in delight.

  • 9)         Stare                                       Alia stared at him in anger.

  • 10)      Shine                                     The stars are shining in the sky.

  • 11)      Glare                                      The sun is glaring with full force.

  • 12)      Hoard                                     There is a hoard of stars in the milkyway.

  • 13)      Collect                                    We collected stamps of foreign countries.

Unit 6:         The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan

1)            Enormity                                We should not be discouraged by the enormity of

2)            Morale                                    Always keep up your morale.

3)            Ideology                                 Pakistan has its ideology to remember and follow.

4)            Identity                                   We created  Pakistan for our identity.

1)         Aptitude                                 We should be given job according to our

2)         Fundamental                         A fundamental reason to create Pakistan was to
                                                            Live peacefully.

3)         Enormity                   

4)         Overwhelmed                       She was overwhelmed with grief at the loss of
                                                            her son.

5)         Pivot                                       Truth is the pivot of all qualities.

6)         Numerous                

7)         Sterling                                  A sterling character is needed for a successful

8)         Distinctive                             Quaid-e-Azam had a distinctive personality.


Unit 7:         Sultan Ahmad Mosque

1)         Hospice                                 The mosque comprises of a tomb and a

2)         Embellish                              The mosque is heavily embellished.

3)         Flamboyant  

4)         Interior           

5)         Carved                                   The finely carved marble was used in all the
mehrabs of the Blue Mosque.

6)         Frequented  

            Frequently                             Our house is frequently visited by the relatives.

7)         Adorned                                 We adorned our school with buntings.
            Adorned with                         The walls are adorned with the verses from the
                                                            Holy Quran. The upper level of the interior is
                                                            adorned with blue paint.

8)         Intricate designs                   The Blue Mosque was decorated with intricate

9)      Ablution                                 Ablution is performed before offering prayers.

10)      Flooded with                         The mosque is flooded with lights at night.

11)      Comprise of                          The mosque comprises of a tomb, a madrassah
                                                            and a hospice.

12)      In the reign of                       The construction was started in the reign of
                                                            Sultan Ahmad I.

13)      Held in                                   The opening ceremony of the mosque was held in

14)      Cover with                             The floors are covered with carpets.

15)      Illuminated                            Our city is illuminated on national days.

16)      Monument                            Minar-e-Pakistan is a monument of our struggle
                                                            to get Pakistan.

Unit 8:         Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening         (Book Page-8)

1)         Woods                                    The poet stood by the woods to enjoy the beauty
of the nature.

2)         Queer                                     It was a queer story.

3)         Piping                                    The baby birds were piping.                     

4)         Harness                                 He passed away in harness. The river was
                                                            harnessed for electricity.

Unit 9:         All is not Lost

1)            Spinal injuries                      Spinal injuries are mostly dangerous.

2)            Thrilled                                   She was thrilled when her son succeeded.

3)            Recovery                               The patient made a hasty recovery under him.

4)            Devastating accident          My uncle lost his bag in a devastating accident.

5)            Shocked                                I am shocked to hear about the death of your

6)         Gradually                               The water-level of the river rose gradually.

7)         Miserable                               His condition was very miserable.

8)         Recovery                               The recovery of a patient depends mostly on the
                                                            will of Allah.

9)         Do one’s best                       She did her best to help the patient.

10)      Read one’s mind                 The doctor can read patient’s mind through her/
                                                            his eyes.

11)      Leave unattended               Doctors should not leave the patient unattended.

12)      Fight a lost battle                  I knew the doctor was fighting a lost battle.

13)      Lose hope                             Even though the paper was difficult, Ali did not
                                                            lose hope.

14)      Make up one’s mind            I made up mind to make all possible efforts.

15)         In good hands                      I made all possible efforts to leave my patient
in good hands.

Unit 10:         Drug Addiction

1)            Dependence                            In 1947, our dependence on the Britishers

1)         Absolute                                The whole trip was not an absolute failure.

2)         Influence      

3)         Taboo                                     Bad manners are taboo.

4)         Relapse                                 The drug addicts should be watched critically so
                                                            that they may not relapse after recovery.

5)         Drug Addicts                         Counselling is necessary for the recovery of
                                                            drug addicts.

6)         An escape                             The drug addicts find an escape from the
responsibilities of life.

Unit 11:         Noise in the Environment

  • 1)         Pollution                                Pollution is increasing day-by-day. Noise pollution
            • is a serious problem in Pakistan.
            • Transportation, electronic appliances and loud
            • speakers are a big source of noise pollution.

  • 2)         Construction                         This building is under construction.

  • 3)         Constructive                         His teacher played a constructive role in his
            • character building.

  • 4)         Developing                           Pakistan is a developing country.

  • 8)         Careless                                Ali is a very careless student. Careless use of
            • electronic appliances causes noise.

  • 9)         At risk/at stake                      Physical health of a large number of population is
            • at stake/at risk due to noise pollution. Because of
            • pollution, the earth’s climate is at stake/at risk.

  • 10)      Time-consuming                 Construction work in urban areas is usually slow
            • and time-consuming. Mostly, web-browsing is
            • very time-consuming.

  • 11)      Give rise to                            Corruption gives rise to a revolution. Over
            • population has given rise to immense noise
            • pollution.

  • 12)      Lead to                                   Noise pollution leads to mental stress. These
            • stairs lead to second floor.

  • 13)      Bring down                          There is a dire need to bring down the noise                                                              
  •                                                           levels. Government is trying to bring down the
            • prices.

  • 14)      Come forward                       Honest people should come forward in politics.
            • Residential societies should come forward to
            • check unnecessary noise producing agents.

1)    Utilitarian                               I play games for utilitarian purpose.

2)    Instill                                       Games instill the discipline.

3)    Flexile                                    Games make the body flexible.

4)    Perfect                                   He is a perfect speaker.

Dignity                                         Dignity of work is well known. Meet one another with dignity.

5)    Essential                               Exercise is essential for body health.

6)    Organize                                He organized a public meeting.

7)    Spirit                                       He played the match with winning spirit.
Importance                                        The importance of examination cannot be

Minute detail                                   Did she take care of the minute detail in her
                                                            grand task?

Dynamic leadership                        The Muslims made Pakistan under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam.

Reigned                                             The Muslims reigned over India for many

Appreciate                                         Some ill-tempered people do not appreciate their

Ambitious                                          I am quite ambitious to do something in my life.

Lahore Board 2013 Group-I

1)         Promised                               He promised to help us.

2)         Asked                                     He asked me to leave.

3)         Decided                                 They decided to run away.

4)         Spacious                               It was a spacious hall.

5)         Humility                                 Allah loves humility from men.

6)         Impressive                             She is very impressive.

7)         Behind                                   You sit behind me.

8)         Next to                                    We live next to your house.

Lahore Board 2013 Group-II

1)         Gave away                            I gave away money to the needy.

2)         Supervise                              Who will supervise his work?

3)         Media                                     Media is raising awareness in all fields.

4)         Heralds                                  The birth of the baby heralds our success.

5)         Confidence                           She performs her duties with confidence.

6)         Adorned                                 We adorned our school with buntings.

7)         Make up their mind             They make up their mind to go to Hajj.

8)         Anguish                                 We could not estimate the anguish of the poor.

9)         Impressive                             She is very impressive.

10)         Spacious                               It was a spacious hall.

                        Lahore Board 2011 Group-I

1)         Wonderful                             I saw a wonderful tiger.
2)         Discover                                Scientist discovered many things.
3)         Advent                                   Before the advent of Islam, Arabs used to worship
                                                            many idols.

4)         Entire                                     His story is entire wrong.

5)         A lot of                                    She has a lot of chocolates.

6)         Discipline                              We learn discipline from games.

7)         Dream                                    I saw a horrible dream.

8)         Mix                                          She mixed sugar in milk.

                        Lahore Board 2011 Group-II

1)         Permanent                            His job is permanent.

2)         Wooden                                 I have a very beautiful wooden box.

3)         Convey                                  We can convey our messages through e-mail.

4)         Pass it on                              Please pass it on to your friend.

5)         Becomes of                           It does not become of you to tell a lie.

6)         Height                                    The height of this building is ten feet.

7)         Beneath                                 There are animals beneath the trees.

8)         Reformer                               A reformer is one who brings about reforms
                                                            in a society.

                        Lahore Board 2010 Group-I

1)         Vision                                     He has broader vision.

2)         Purpose                                 What is the purpose of your coming?

3)         Equipment                            He did not have equipment for the machine.

4)         Meat                                       We like to eat white meat.

5)         Complete                               Please, complete the form.

6)         Basics                                    Do you know the basics of computers?

7)         Rural                                      He belongs to rural area.

8)         Deal in                                   She deals in cotton.
                        Lahore Board 2010 Group-II

1)         Facilitate                                After losing job, his friend facilitated him in his

2)         Sparkling                               She has sparkling eyes.

3)         Seems                                   He seems happy today.

4)         Becomes of                           It does not become of you to tell a lie.

5)         Being taken up                     He was being taken up to hospital for the treatment.

6))       Reduce                                  She will reduce her expenditure.

7)         Stray                                       Do not stray from right path.

8)         Set out                                   We set out for a journey.

                        Lahore Board 2009 Group-I

1)         Valour                                     She shows valour in the competition.

2)         Peace                                     We want peace not war.

3)         Rural                                      He belongs to rural area.

4)         Mistake                                  Do not repeat your mistake.

5)         Dignity                                   They showed dignity in their work.

6)         Get up                                    We get up early in the morning.

7)         Decorate                                He will decorate our car.

8)         Permanent                            His job is permanent.

Lahore Board 2009 Group-II

1)         Run over                               Be careful, otherwise the case will run over you.

2)         Opponent                              She is not my opponent.

3)         Festival                                  There are a many festivals celebrate in our country.

4)         Prosperous                           He belongs to a prosperous family.

5)         Scrap off                                She has scrapped the skin off her elbow.

6)         Bloom                                   The flowers will bloom in spring.

7)         Dignity                                   There is great dignity in work.

8)         Increase                                 Do you want to increase your vocabulary?

                        Lahore Board 2008 Group-I

1)         Flourished                             Good students flourished in good institutions.

2)         Usury                                     Usury is prohibited in Islam.

3)         Eradicate                               You should eradicate in your spending.

4)         Sympathy                              There is perfect sympathy of music in the song.

5)         Discrimination                      Discrimination of women rights in Islam is prohibited.
6)         Vanished                               The fast car vanished in moments.

7)         Negligence                           Negligence of duty is not a good habit.

8)         Restoration                           Today Pakistan need restoration in economic field.

                        Lahore Board 2008 Group-II

1)         Judicial                                  Judicial reforms are brought in Pakistan.

2)         Pollution                                Cutting of trees cause pollution.

3)         Essential                               Fresh air is very essential for us.

4)         Possible                                 Everything is possible in this world.

5)         Companions                         Trees are good companions.

6)         Revolution                            Invention of wheel brought revolution in human lives.

7)         Basket                                    We have no basket in the class room.

8)         Universe                                Our universe has no limit.

                        Lahore Board 2005 Group-I

1)         Compulsory                          These are compulsory subjects.

2)         Valour                                     She shows valour in the competition.

3)         Rash                                      The rash boy jumped off the moving bus.

4)         Larva                                      The worker bees look after the new larva.

5)         Tempted                                Hina was tempted to eat “fruit chaat”.

6)         Puzzle                                    My father was puzzled.

                        Lahore Board 2005 Group-II

1)         Mighty                                    The ship sank in the mighty ocean in a few moments.

2)         Moment                                 Every passing moment brings our death near to us.

3)         Little                                        Islam advises us to avoid little sins.

4)         Humble                                  God likes those who are humble and pious.

5)         Stray                                       The poet was straying along the bank of river.

6)         Deeds of kindness              Deeds of kindness give us the real happiness.

                        Important Words & Idioms

1)         Errors                                     A wise man always learns from his errors.

Lesson No.5    Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan       Page-234

2)         Rural                                      He belongs to rural area.
                                                            I like rural life for its modern facilities.

3)         Urban                                     He belongs to urban area.
                                                            I like urban life for its modern facilities.

3)         Amazement                          The child was seeing his toys in amazement.

4)         Compared with                     Compare urban life with rural life.

5)         Inhabitants                            The house was burnt but the inhabitants were saved.

6)         Decorate                                The Muslims decorate their houses to celebrate the

7)         Wonderful                             The scenery of Murree is wonderful.

8)         Permanent                            Good deeds give us permanent happiness.

Lesson No.8    Evening                Page-250

6)         Set                                          The sun sets in the west.

7)         Wet                                         My handkerchief is wet.

8)         Sky                                         The stars are shining in the sky.

9)         Fly                                           Birds fly in the air.

10)      Sleep                                      She sleeps in the room.
                                                            He sleeps on the roof.

11)      Deep                                      Te well is very deep.

12)      Nests                                      Birds make nests.

13)      Rests                                      Ali rests in the evening.

14)      Fear                                        He fears of me.

15)      There                                      There is no boy in the room.

16)      Light                                       We can read in the moonlight.

17)      Night                                      We sleep at night.

18)      Pray                                        I pray five times a day.

19)      Stay                                        Please, stay here for some time.

20)      Keep                                       I keep the pen in my pocket.

21)      Sea                                         Pearls are found in the sea.

22)      Me                                           Please, show me your pen.

23)      Grow                                       We grow wheat.

24)      Bow                                        I bow only before God.

25)      Hand                                      It is my right hand.

26)      Stand                                     I will stand by you through thick and thin.

27)      Small                                      He has a small house.

28)      All                                           All is well that ends well.

Lesson No.14    Bees                    Page-278

6)         Colonies                                Social insects live in colonies.

7)         Wooden                                 This wooden house looks beautiful.

8)         Compartment                       There is no room in this compartment.

9)         Hatch                                     The eggs hatched and the chicks came out of them.

9)         Stomach                                He feels pain in his stomach.

Lesson No.15    Fill in the Forms                        Page-283

10)      Quick                                      Telephone, internet and E-mail are quick means of

11)      Internet                                  Internet is a great source of information.

12)      Convey                                  We use modern means of communication to convey
                                                            our messages quickly.

13)      Book                                       We book our telegrams at the public counter of PTCL
                                                            Telegraph Office.

14)      Reduce                                  Try to reduce your weight.

                        Lesson No.18    What Happens to The Rain               Page-293

14)         Becomes of                           Lets see what does become of him?

15)         Not possible                          It is not possible to grow plants without light and

16)      Take up                                  She was too taken up with her studies to notice what
                                                           was going on.

17)      Pass it one                            Pass on this letter to your father.

18)      Move upwards                      The water of stem moves upwards to the leaves
                                                           where it is used by the plants in its food-making

17)      Run over                               The car ran over the child.

Lesson No.20    Doctor’s Advice                    Page-303

18)      True                                        He is a true patriot.

19)      Excellent                               His excellent performance impressed us.

20)      Kind                                        We like him for his kind behaviour.

21)      High                                       High mountains of Murree are worth-seeing.

22)      Healthy                                  Every one likes to live in a healthy atmosphere.

23)      Sick                                        The company gives employees leave of five sick days
                                                           a years.

24)      Bright                                     Work hard for your bright future.

25)      Long                                       I pray for your long life.

26)      Sincere                                  His sincere manners impress everyone.

27)      Clean                                     Wear clean and simple clothes.

Lesson No.21    Daffodils         Page-307

28)      Wander                                  The poet was wandering alone on the bank of a river.

29)      Float                                       The sound of laughter floated across the water.

30)      Beneath                                 Beneath his veneer of politeness lay hostility.

31)      Stretch                                   The sleeves of this sweater have stretched.

32)      Sparkling                               The sparkling light of stars adds  to the beauty of sky.