Pairs of Words                


1.            Affect:                         My advice did not affect him.

Effect:                        Hard work had a bad effect on his health.

2.            Advice:                       My advice fell flat on him.

Advise:                       I advised him to work hard.

3.            Alter:                           He altered his mind.

Altar:                           This is an altar. A lamb was brought to the altar.

4.            Altogether:                 It is altogether wrong to say that I came here late.

All together:               We went to school all together.

5.            Angels:                      He saw two angels.

Angle:                        Triangle has three angles. There are three angles in a triangle.

6.                                                            Bale:   I saw two bales of cotton. I bought two bales of cotton.

Bail:                            He was released on bail.

7.            Bare:                           He went out bare-footed.

Bear:                           I saw a bear in the zoo.

8.            Berth:                         Please reserve a berth for me for Lahore.

Birth:                           What is your date of birth?
9.            Beside:                       I was sitting beside him.

Besides:                     Besides this, I will have to go there.

10.         Brake:                         The brake of the cycle did not work.

Break:                         He did not break the glass.

11.         Cool:                           A cool breeze was blowing.

Cold:                           Cold wind blows in winter.

12.         Cloth:                         I saw a piece of cloth. I bought some cloth.

Clothe:                       He is wearing beautiful clothes.

13.         Cell:                            I saw a cell in the jail.

Sell:                            He sells school books.

14.         Compare:                  I cannot compare myself with my teachers.

Contrast:                    There is a contrast in what he says and what he does.

15.         Device:                       We use different types of devices.

Devise:                       The shopkeepers devise many ways to earn profit.

16.         Denied:                      She denied having told a lie.

Refused:                    He refused to help me.

17.         Diary:                          It is a dairy farm.

Dairy:                          He gave me a new diary.

18.         Dew:                           Dew drops beautify the flowers.

Due:                           He cannot come to school due to illness.

19.         Die:                             He died of fever.

Dye:                            He dyed my coat.

20.         Dose:                          Take a dose of medicine.

Doze:                          He was dozing in the class.

21.         Droop:                        The flower drooped for lack of water.

Drop:                          Drop of water fell on my face.

22.         Elder:                          Ali is my elder brother.

Older:                         This building is older than others.

23.         Eligible:                      He is eligible for this post.

Illegible:                     His handwriting is illegible.

24.         Except:                       Everybody was present except Ali.

Accept:                       He did not accept my gift.

25.         Expect:                       I expect to get a good job.

Hope:                         I hope to get good marks in the examination.

26.         Feet:                           I have to feet.

Feat:                           He showed many feats.

27.         Flour:                          Flour is cheap in this city.

Floor:                          Do not spit on the floor.

28.         Fair:                            He went to the fair.

Fare:                           What is the railway fare from Lahore to Karachi?

29.         Foul:                           He plays a foul game.

Fowl:                          I saw water fowls in the zoo.

30.         Gate:                           He met me at the gate.

Gait:                            She has a charming gait.

31.         Gaol:                           He was sent to the goal.

Goal:                           Death is not the goal of life.

32.         Heel:                           A thorn has run into my heel.

Heal:                           The wound will heal soon.

33.         Healthy:                     Last week he was quite healthy.

Healthful:                  Morning walk is healthful for our body.

34.         Idle:                             Do not sit idle.

Idol:                             The Arabs worshipped idols.

35.         Invent:                        Marcony invented radio.

Discover:                   Columbus discovered America.

36.         Ice:                              He sells ice.

Snow:                         Snow is falling.

37.         Loose:                        Your coat is loose.

Lose:                          He will lose the chance.

38.         Lesson:                      He has learnt his lesson.

Lessen:                      Try to lessen the work.

39.         Letter:                         Write a letter.

Latter:                         He came to school later than I.

40.         Liar:                            Do not trust in a liar.

Lawyer:                      Quaid-e-Azam was a famous lawyer.

41.         Lovely:                       It is a lovely doll.

Lovable:                     She is innocent and lovable.

42.         Medal:                        Our hockey team has won a gold medal.

Meddle:                      Do not meddle in my affairs.

43.         Meet:                          I want to meet him.

Meat:                          I eat meat.

44.         Metal:                         Iron is a very useful metal.

Mettle:                        Ali showed his mettle in the battlefield.

45.         Marry:                         He wants to marry her.

Merry:                         Eat, drink and be merry.

46.         Miner:                         He is a miner.

Minor:                         He is a minor.

47.         Necessity:                  It is the necessity of time to work hard.

Necessary:                It is necessary for you to prepare for the examination.

48.         Observation:             Uzma has quick observation.

Observance:             Observance of laws is necessary for every citizen.

49.         Prophet:                     The Holy Prophet (SAW) was born in Makkah.

Profit:                          He is getting good profit.

50.         Populous:                  China is a populous country.

Popular:                     Farah is very popular among her friends.

51.         Principal:                   He is the principal of our college.

Principle:                   He is a man of principle.

52.         Piece:                         Please give me a piece of paper.

Peace:                        I like peace everywhere in the world.

53.         Prey:                           Hawk is a bird of prey.

Pray:                           Pray for my success.

54.         People:                      People of my village are very simple.

Peoples:                    Different peoples live in America.

55.         Pore:                           There are many pores in our body.

Pour:                          Pour some more milk.

56.         Quiet:                         Please keep quiet.

Quite:                         I am quite well.

57.         Respectable:             He belongs to a respectable family.

Respectful:                We should be respectful to our teachers.

58.         Rein:                          The reign of Akbar was glorious.

Rain:                          It rained yesterday.

59.         Robbed:                     The robber robbed her money.

Stolen:                       Ali’s book was stolen by the thief.

60.         Role:                           He performed an important role in this drama.

Roll:                            My name was at the top in the roll.

61.         Root:                           Some plants have long roots.

Route:                                    You should follow the right route.
62.         Story:                          He told me a story.

Storey:                        This house has two storeys.

63.         Sail:                            The ship is sailing.

Sale:                           This house is for sale.

64.         Sinking:                     Their boat was sinking.

Drowning:                 The child was drowning.

65.         Stationary:                 Our earth is not stationary.

Stationery:                 I bought this book from the stationery shop.

66.         Sole:                           The sole of this shoe is very hard.

Soul:                           We have to work hard to keep our body and soul together.

67.         Scene:                       This scene is very beautiful.

Seen:                         I have seen many pictures of mountains.

68.         Teach:                        He teaches us English.

Learn:                         We learn science from Mr. Ali.

69.         Team:                         Our team won the match.

Teem:                         The forest teems with birds.

70.         Urbane:                      His manners are refined and urbane.

Urban:                        I like to live in urban area.

71.         Vain:                           He tried again and again but all in vain.

Vein:                           Human body has countless veins.

72.         Vale:                           I have never seen the vale of Kashmir.

Veil:                            She wears veil.

73.         Wine:                          Do not drink wine.

Vine:                           There is a big vine-yard in our village.
74.         Waste:                        Do not waste your time.

Waist:                         His waist disappeared in the water while crossing the stream.

75.         Write:                          Can you write a letter?

Right:                         Always choose the right path.

76.         Wave:                         The waves of the sea followed one another silently.

Waive:                        The age limit was waived off in favour of the candidates.

77.         Way:                           Please tell me the way to the zoo.

Weigh:                       This bundle weighs fifty pounds.

78.         Weak:                         He is too weak to walk.

Week:                         There are seven days in a week.


1) Affect, Effect                     2) Advice, Advise            3)  Alter, Altar              4)  Altogether, All together
5) Angels, Angles    6) Bale, Bail                                  7) Bare, Bear               8) Berth, Birth 
9) Beside, Besides   10)  Brake, Break            11) Cool, Cold           12) Cloth, Clothe
13) Cell, Sell                         14) Compare, Contrast   15) Device, Devise    16) Denied, Refused
17) Dairy, Diary        18) Dew, Due                  19) Die, Dye                 20) Dose, Doze
21) Droop, Drop        22) Elder, Older               23) Eligible, Illegible   24) Except, Accept
25) Expect, Hope     26) Feet, Feat                  27) Flour, Floor           28) Fair, Fare
29) Foul, Fowl                      30) Gate, Gait                   31) Gaol, Goal             32) Heel, Heal
33) Healthy, Healthful  34) Idle, Idol                           35) Invent, Discover    36)  Ice, Snow 
37) Loose, Lose                  38) Lesson, Lessen        39) Letter, Latter 40)  Liar, Lawyer 
41)  Lovely, Lovable            42) Medal, Meddle        43)  Meet, Meat,             44)  Metal, Mettle
45) Marry, Merry           46) Miner, Minor        47) Necessity,              48)  Observation,
                                                                                 Necessary                     Observance
49) Prophet, Profit    50) Populous, Popular  51) Principal, Principle  52) Piece, Peace

53) Prey, Pray               54) People, Peoples      55) Pore, Pour    56) Quiet, Quite                                       

57)  Respectable,         58) Reign, Rain              59) Robbed, Stolen        60) Role, Roll                    

61) Root, Route           62) Story, Storey             63) Sail, Sale                 64) Sinking, Drowning
65) Stationary,             66) Sole, Soul                 67) Scene, Seen            68) Teach, Learn
69) Team, Teem         70) Urbane, Urban          71)  Vain, Vein                72) Vale, Veil

73) Wine, Vine            74) Waste, Waist            75) Write, Right               76) Wave, Waive

77) Way, Weigh          78) Weak, Week

(1) Affect, Effect (2) Advice, Advise   (3)  Alter, Altar  (4)  Altogether, All together (5) Angels, Angles  (6) Bale, Bail  (7) Bare, Bear (8) Berth, Birth  (9) Beside, Besides (10)  Brake, Break (11) Cool, Cold              (12) Cloth, Clothe (13) Cell, Sell (14) Compare, Contrast (15) Device, Devise (16) Denied, Refused (17) Dairy, Diary  (18) Dew, Due (19) Die, Dye (20) Dose, Doze (21) Droop, Drop  (22) Elder, Older (23) Eligible, Illegible (24) Except, Accept (25) Expect, Hope (26) Feet, Feat (27) Flour, Floor               (28) Fair, Fare (29) Foul, Fowl (30) Gate, Gait (31) Gaol, Goal (32) Heel, Heal (33) Healthy, Healthful (34) Idle, Idol (35) Invent, Discover (36) Ice, Snow  (37) Loose, Lose (38) Lesson, Lessen (39) Letter, Latter (40) Liar, Lawyer  (41)  Lovely, Lovable (42) Medal, Meddle (43) Meet, Meat, (44) Metal, Mettle (45) Marry, Merry (46) Miner, Minor (47) Necessity, Necessary (48) Observation, Observance (49) Prophet, Profit (50) Populous, Popular    (51) Principal, Principle (52) Piece, Peace (53) Prey, Pray (54) People, Peoples (55) Pore, Pour (56) Quiet, Quite (57) Respectable, Respectful (58) Reign, Rain (59) Robbed, Stolen (60) Role, Roll (61) Root, Route (62) Story, Storey (63) Sail, Sale (64) Sinking, Drowning (65) Stationary, Stationery (66) Sole, Soul                        (67) Scene, Seen (68) Teach, Learn (69) Team, Teem (70) Urbane, Urban (71)  Vain, Vein (72) Vale, Veil (73) Wine, Vine (74) Waste, Waist (75) Write, Right (76) Wave, Waive (77) Way, Weigh (78) Weak, Week