Forms of Verbs

Forms of Verbs “A”

Abandon, abandoned                                             Abhor, abhorred
Abide, abided                                                           Abjure abjured                                
Abolish, abolished                                                   Abrade abraded  
Abridge abridged                                                     Absorb, absorbed    
Abuse, abused                                                         Accept, accepted
Accompany, accompanied                                    Accommodate, accommodated
Accomplish, accomplished                                    Account, accounted
Accrue, accrued                                                       Accumulate, accumulated
Accuse, accused                                                     Achieve, achieved  
Acknowledge, acknowledged                               Acquire, acquired
Accustom, accustomed                                          Acquiesce acquiesced
Acquaint, acquainted                                              Act, acted
Adapt, adapted                                                       Add, added   
Address, addressed                                                Adduce, adduced
Adjoin, adjoined                                                       Adjust, adjusted
Adjourn, adjourned                                                 Administer, administered
Admire, admired                                                      Admit, admitted
Adopt, adopted                                                         Adore, adored
Adorn adorned                                                         Adulate adulated
Advance, advanced                                                Advertise, advertised
Advise, advised                                                        Affect, affect
Affiance affianced                                                   Affiliate, affiliated
Afflict, afflicted                                                        Afford, afforded
Aggravate, aggravated                                            Agree, agreed                                              
Aim, aimed                                                                Alarm, alarmed
Alight, alighted                                                         Allot, allotted            
Allocate, allocated                                                   Allow, allowed                                             
Allure, allured                                                           Alter, altered
Amass amassed                                                      Ambush ambushed
Amplify amplified                                                     Amuse, amused                                         
Analyse, analysed                                                   Animate animated
Annotate annotated                                                Announce, announced
Answer, answered                                                   Appeal, appealed    
Appear, appeared                                                    Applaud, applauded
Apply, applied                                                           Appoint, appointed                                    
Appoligise, appligised                                             Appreciate, appreciated
Apprehend, apprehended                                      Approach, approached                              
Approve, approved                                                  Arbitrate arbitrated              
Argued, argued                                                        Arise, arose, arisen
Arouse, aroused                                                      Arraign arraigned
Arrange, arranged                                                   Arrest, arrested
Arrive, arrived                                                           Ascend, ascended
Ask, asked                                                                 Asperse aspersed
Aspire aspired                                                          Assault, assaulted                                      
Assay assayed                                                         Assemble, assembled       
Assert, asserted                                                        Assess, assessed
Assign, assigned                                                     Assist, assisted
Assist, assisted                                                         Associate, associated        
Assume, assumed                                                  Assure, assured
Astonish, astonished                                              Attach, attached      
Attack, attacked                                                        Attempt, attempted
Attend, attended                                                       Attest, attested
Attract, attracted                                                        Auction, auctioned
Augur augured                                                         Authorize, authorized                    
Avail, availed                                                            Aver, averred                                               
Avow, avowed                                                          Avoid, avoided
Await, awaited                                                          Award, awarded      

Forms of Verbs “B
Baffle, baffled                                                           Bake, baked
Balance, balanced                                                  Ballot, balloted
Ban, banned                                                             Banish, banished
Bark, barked                                                              Base, based
Bathe, bathed                                                           Batter, battered
Bear, bore, borne                                                     Beat, beat, beaten
Beautify, beautified                                                 Become, became, become
Beg, begged                                                           Beget, Beget, begot
Begin, began, begun                                              begot, begotten
Behave, behaved                                                    Bellow, bellowed
Belong, belonged                                                    Bend, bent
Benefit, benefited                                                    Bereave, bereaved
Bind, bound                                                             Bite, bit, bitten
Blacken, blackened                                               Blackmail, blackmailed
Blame, blamed                                                         Blaze, blazed
Bleat, bleated                                                            Bleed, bled
Blend, blended                                                         Bless, blessed
Blind, blinded                                                           Block, blocked
Boil, boiled                                                                Bloom, bloomed
Blow, blew, blown                                                    Blubber, blubbered
Blunder, blundered                                                 Board, boarded
Boast, boasted                                                          Bolt, bolted
Borrow, borrowed                                                     Bother, bothered
Bounce, bounced                                                    Bound, bounded
Bow, bowed                                                              Boycott, boycotted
Boil, boiled                                                                Break, broke, broken
Breathe, breathed                                                    Breed, bred
Bribe, bribed                                                             Bring, brought
Broadcast, broadcast                                               Broil, broiled
Bruise, bruised                                                         Brush, brushed
Build, built                                                                 Bump, bumped
Burgle, burgled                                                        Burn, burnt
Burst, burst                                                                Buy, buried
Button,                                                                       Buy, bought

Forms of Verbs “C”

Call, called                                                                Calm, calmed
Cancel, cancelled                                                    Capture, captured
Care, cared                                                               Carry, carried
Cast, cast                                                                   Catch, caught
Cause, caused                                                         Cease, ceased
Chain, chained                                                        Challenge, challenged
Change, changed                                                   Charge, charged
Chase, chased                                                         Chat, chatted
Chatter, chattered                                                    Cheat, cheated
Check, checked                                                       Cheer, cheered
Chew, chewed                                                         Chirp, chirpped
Choke, choked                                                         Chop, chopped
Choose, chosen                                                      Chop, chopped
Chuckle, chuckled                                                  Circle, circled
Circumcise, circumcised                                        Civilize, civilized
Claim, claimed                                                         Clap, clapped
Clash, clashed                                                         Clean, cleaned
Cleave, cleft                                                              Climb, climbed
Cling, clang, clung                                                  Clip, clipped
Close, closed                                                            Collapse, collapsed
Collect, collected                                                      Collide, collided
Colonize, colonized                                                 Combine, combined
Come, came, come                                                 Command, commanded
Commence, commenced                                      Commit, committed
Compare, compared                                               Compete, competed
Complain, complained                                           Complete, completed
Conceal, concealed                                                Conclude, concluded
Condemn, condemned                                          Condole, condoled
Conduct, conducted                                                Confess, confessed
Confide, confided                                                    Confine, confined
Confirm, confirmed                                                 Confront, confronted
Confuse, confused                                                  Congratulate, congratulated
Connect, connected                                                Conquer, conquered
Consent, consented                                                Consider, considered
Consist, consisted                                                   Construct, constructed
Consult, consulted                                                  Continue, continued
Contradict, contradicted                                          Control, controlled
Convey, conveyed                                                   Convince, convinced
Cook, cooked                                                            Cooperate, cooperated
Copy, copied                                                             Correct, corrected
Couch, couched                                                      Cough, coughed
Count, counted                                                        Cover, covered
Crash, crashed                                                         Crawl, crawled
Create, created                                                         Creep, crept
Croak, croaked                                                         Cross, crossed
Crouch, crouched                                                    Crow, crowed
Crumble, crumbled                                                 Crunch, crunched 
Crush, crushed                                                        Cry, cried
Cultivate, cultivated                                                 Curse, cursed
Curve, curved                                                           Cut, cut

Forms of Verbs “D”

Damage, damaged                                                  Dance, danced
Dare, dared                                                               Darken, darkened
Deal, dealt                                                                 Decay, decayed
Deceive, deceived                                                   Decide, decided
Declare, declared                                                     Decline, declined
Decorate, decorated                                                Decrease, decreased
Defame, defamed                                                    Defeat, defeated
Defend, defended                                                   Defer, deferred
Deflate, deflated                                                       Defy, defied
Delay, delayed                                                         Delight, delighted
Deliver, delivered                                                     Demolish, demolished
Deny, denied                                                            Depart, departed
Depend, depended                                                  Depose, deposed
Deposit, deposited                                                   Depress, depressed
Descend, descended                                              Describe, described
Deserve, deserved                                                   Desire, desired
Despair, despaired                                                  Despatch, dispatched
Destroy, destroyed                                                   Detain, detained
Detect, detected                                                       Determine, determined
Develop, developed                                                Devote, devoted
Devour, devoured                                                    Defraud, defrauded
Delay, delayed                                                         Delete, deleted
Die, died                                                                    Dig, dug
Digest, digested                                                       Dip, dipped
Direct, directed                                                         Disappoint, disappointed
Discharge, discharged                                            Discover, discovered
Discuss, discussed                                                 Disgrace, disgraced
Disguise, disguised                                                Disgust, disgusted
Dismay, dismayed                                                   Dismiss, dismissed
Display, displayed                                                   Dispose, disposed
Dispute, disputed                                                     Dissolve, dissolved
Distribute, distributed                                              Disturb, disturbed
Dive, dived                                                                Divert, diverted
Divide, divided                                                          Divorce, divorced
Die, died                                                                    Dip, dipped
Do, did, done                                                            Dodge, dodged
Double, doubled                                                      Doubt, doubted
Doze, dozed                                                              Drag, dragged
Draw, drew, drawn                                                   Dream, dreamt
Dress, dressed                                                         Drill, drilled
Drink, drank, drunk                                                  Drop, dropped
Drive, drove, driven                                                  Drop, dropped
Dry, dried                                                                   Dust, dusted
Dwell, dwelt                                                              Dwindle, dwindled

Forms of Verbs “E”
Earn, earned                                                             Earth, earthed
Eat, ate, eaten                                                          Echo, echoed
Eclipse, eclipsed                                                      Educate, educated
Elect, elected                                                            Emanate, emanated
Embrace, embraced                                                Embroider, embroidered
Emerge, emerged                                                    Employ, employed
Empty, emptied                                                        Enable, enabled
Enclose, enclosed                                                   Encourage, encouraged
End, ended                                                               Endeavour, endeavoured
Endure, endured                                                     Engage, engaged
Employ, employed                                                   Empty, emptied
Enjoy, enjoyed                                                         Enlarge, enlarged
Enquire, enquired                                                   Enter, entered
Entertain, entertained                                             Entrust, entrusted
Envy, envied                                                             Equip, equipped
Erect, erected                                                            Escape, escaped
Escort, escorted                                                        Establish, established
Estimate, estimated                                                 Examine, examined
Exceed, exceeded                                                   Excel, excelled
Exchange, exchanged                                           Excite, excited
Exclaim, exclaimed                                                Excuse, excused
Execute, executed                                                   Exempt, exempted
Exercise, exercised                                                 Exert, exerted
Exhaust, exhausted                                                Exhibit, exhibited 
Exile, exiled                                                              Exist, existed
Expand, expanded                                                  Expect, expected
Expel, expelled                                                         Expire, expired
Explain, explained                                                   Explode, exploded
Explore, explored                                                     Export, exported
Expose, exposed                                                     Express, expressed
Extend, extended                                                     Exult, exulted 

Forms of Verbs “F”

Face, faced                                                               Fade, faded 
Fail, failed                                                                 Faint, fainted
Fall, fell, fallen                                                          Favour, favoured
Fear, feared                                                              Feast, feasted
Feed, fed                                                                   Feel, felt
Fetch, fetched                                                          Fight, fought
Fill, filled                                                                    Filter, filtered
Find, found                                                               Fine, fined
Finish, finished                                                        Fire, fired
Fix, fixed                                                                    Flare, flared
Flash, flashed                                                          Flee, fled
Fling, flung                                                               Float, floated
Flavour, flavoured                                                   Fling, flung
Fly, flew, flown                                                         Flourish, flourished
Flow, flowed                                                            Fold, folded
Follow, followed                                                       Forbid, forbade, forbidden
Force, forced                                                           Forecast, forecasted
Forget, forgot, forgotten                                          Forgive, forgave, forgiven
Forsake, forsook, forsaken                                     Found, founded
Frame, framed                                                         Free, freed
Freeze, froze, frozen                                                Frighten, frightened
Fry, fried                                                                    Fulfill, fulfilled
Furnish, furnished

Forms of Verbs “G”
Gag, gagged                                                             Gain, gained
Gamble, gambled                                                    Gape, gaped
Gasp, gasped                                                           Gather, gathered
Gaze, gazed                                                              Gesture, gestured
Get, got                                                                      Gift, gifted
Gild, gilded                                                                Gird, girded
Give, gave, given                                                     Glance, glanced
Glare, glared                                                             Glitter, glittered
Go, went, gone                                                         Gossip, gossiped
Govern, governed                                                    Grade, graded
Graduate, graduated                                               Grant, granted
Grasp, grasped                                                         Graze, grazed
Greet, greeted                                                           Grieve, grieved
Grin,                                                                           Grind, ground
Grip, gripped                                                             Growl, growled
Grumble, grumbled                                                   Guarantee, guaranteed
Guard, guarded                                                        Guess, guessed
Guide, guided                                                           Gum, gummed
Gun, gunned 

Forms of Verbs “H”
Halt, haled                                                                 Hammer, hammered
Halve, halved                                                            Hand, handed
Handcuff, handcuffed                                              Hang, hung
Handle, handled                                                      Happen, happened
Harm, harmed                                                          Hatch, hatched
Hate, hated                                                               Haul, hauled
Heal, healed                                                             Heap, heaped
Hear, heard                                                               Hearl, hearled
Heat, heated                                                             Heave, heaved
Help, helped                                                             Hesitate, hesitated
Hew, hewed                                                              Hide, hid, hidden
Hinder, hindered                                                      Hint, hinted
Hire, hired                                                                 Hiss, hissed
Hit, hit                                                                         Hold, held
Hoard, hoarded                                                        Hoist, hoisted
Honour, honoured                                                    Hop, hopped
Hope, hoped                                                             Horn, horned
Hum, hummed                                                          Hurl, hurled
Hunt, hunted                                                             Hurry, hurried
Hurt, hurt

Forms of Verbs “I”
Idolize, idolized                                                        Ignore, ignored
Illuminate, illuminated                                            Illustrate, illustrated
Imagine, imagined                                                  Imitate, imitated
Implicate, implicated                                               Implore, implored
Import, imported                                                       Improve, improved
Impress, impressed                                                 Incline, inclined
Include, included                                                     Increase, increased
Indicate, indicated                                                   Induce, induced
Inform, informed                                                      Influence, influenced
Inhabit, inhabited                                                     Inhale, inhaled
Inherit, inherited                                                       Injure, injured
Insist, insisted                                                           Inspect, inspected
Inspire, inspired                                                       Install, installed
Institute, instituted                                                   Instruct, instructed
Insult, insulted                                                          Insure, insured
Intend, intended                                                       Interfere, interfered
Interpret, interpreted                                                Interrupt, interrupted
Introduce, introduced                                              Invade, invaded
Invent, invented                                                       Invite, invited
Involve, involved                                                      Iron, ironed
Irrigate, irrigated                                                       Irritate, irritated
Isolate, isolated                                                        Issue, issued 
Itch, itched                                                                                                                

Forms of Verbs “J”
Jam, jammed                                                            Jerk, jerked
Jingle, jingled                                                           Join, joined
Jolt, jolted                                                                  Judge, judged
Juggle, juggled                                                        Jumble, jumbled
Jump, jumped   

                        Forms of Verbs “K”

Keep, kept                                                                 Kick, kicked
Kid, kidded                                                                Kidnap, kidnapped
Kill, killed                                                                   Kindle, kindled
Knit, knitted                                                               Knock, knocked
Knot, knotted                                                            Know, knew, known


Forms of Verbs “L”

Lace, laced                                                                Lack, lacked
Lade, laded, laden                                                    Lag, lagged
Land, landed                                                             Last, lasted
Laugh, laughed                                                         Lavish, lavished
Lay, laid                                                                     Lament, lamented
Lash, lashed                                                              Lead, led
Leak, leaked                                                             Leap, leapt
Lean, leant                                                                Learn learnt
Learn, learned                                                          Leave, left
Lecture, lectured                                                      Lend, lent
Lessen, lessened                                                    Let, let
Level, leveled                                                           Liberate, liberated
License, licensed                                                     Lie, lay, lain
Lie, lied                                                                      Lift, lifted
Light, lighted                                                              Light, lit
Like, liked                                                                  Limp, limped
Limit, limited                                                              Link, lined
Listen, listened                                                          Live, lived
Load, loaded                                                             Loaf, loafed
Lock, locked                                                              Lodge, lodged
Long, longed                                                             Look, looked
Loosen, loosened                                                     Lope, loped
Lose, lost                                                                   Love, loved
Lower, lowered

Forms of Verbs “M”
Maintain, maintained                                              Make, made
Manage, managed                                                  Manufacture, manufactured
Mark, marked                                                           Marry, married
Mean, meant                                                            Measure, measured
Meddle, meddled                                                     Meet, met
Melt, melted                                                              Mend, mended
Mention, mentioned                                                Milk, milked
Mind, minded                                                           Mingle, mingled
Miss, missed                                                            Mix, mixed
Moan, moaned                                                         Mock, mocked
Motion, motioned                                                     Mould, moulded
Mount, mounted                                                       Mourn, mourned
Move, moved                                                            Mow, mowed
Multiply, multiplied                                                   Murder, murdered
Murmur, murmured                                                  Muster, mustered
Mutiny, mutinied 

Forms of Verbs “N”
Narrate, narrated                                                      Need, needed
Neglect, neglected                                                   Negotiate, negotiated
Neigh, neighed                                                        Nibble, nibbled
Nip, nipped                                                               Nominate, nominated
Note, noted                                                               Nourish, nourished
Number, numbered                                                 Nurse, nursed

Forms of Verbs “O”
Obey, obeyed                                                           Object, objected
Oblige, obliged                                                         Observe, observed
Obtain, obtained                                                      Occupy, occupied
Occur, occurred                                                        Offend, offended
Offer, offered                                                            Omit, omitted
Open, opened                                                          Oppose, opposed
Oppress, oppressed                                                Order, ordered
Organize, organized                                                Override, overrided
Owe, owed 

Forms of Verbs “P”
Pack, packed                                                            Pace, paced
Paint, painted                                                           Pardon pardoned
Pass, passed                                                            Part, parted
Pat, patted                                                                 Patch, patched
Pause, paused                                                         Pay, paid
Peel, peeled                                                              Peep, peeped
Peer, peered                                                             Perceive, perceived
Perform, performed                                                  Perish, perished
Permit, permitted                                                      Persist, persisted
Persuade, persuaded                                              Pester, pestered
Photograph, photographed                                     Play, played
Plead, pleaded                                                         Please, pleased
Pledge, pledged                                                       Plot, plotted
Plough, ploughed                                                     Pluck, plucked
Plunder, plundered                                                  Plunge, plunged
Pocket, pocketed                                                     Point, pointed
Polish, polished                                                        Ponder, pondered
Possess, possessed                                                Post, posted
Postpone, postponed                                               Pour, poured
Practise, practised                                                   Praise, praised
Pray, prayed                                                              Preach, preached
Predict, predicted                                                     Prefer, preferred
Prepare, prepared                                                    Prescribe, prescribed
Present, presented                                                   Preside, presided
Press, pressed                                                          Pretend, pretended
Prevail, prevailed                                                      Prevent, prevented
Prick, pricked                                                            Print, printed
Prize, prized                                                               Procure, procured
Produce, produced                                                   Prohibit, prohibited
Prolong, prolonged                                                   Promise, promised
Promote, promoted                                                  Propose, proposed
Prosper, prospered                                                  Protect, protected
Prove, proved                                                            Provide, provided
Provoke, provoked                                                   Publish, published
Pull, pulled                                                                 Punish, punished
Purchase, purchased                                              Push, pushed
Put, put                                                                      Pierce, pierced

                                    Forms of Verbs “Q”
Quake, quaked                                                         Qualify, qualified
Quit, quitted                                                              Quote, quoted 

Forms of Verbs “R”
Radiate, radiated                                                      Rain, rained
Raise, raised                                                             Rattle, rattled
Reach, reached                                                       Read, read
Realize, realized                                                      Reap, reaped
Reason, reasoned                                                   Rebel, rebelled
Rebuke, rebuked                                                     Receive, received
Recite, recited                                                          Reckon, reckoned
Recognize, recognized                                           Recollect, recollected
Recommend, recommended                                 Record, recorded
Recover, recovered                                                 Recruit, recruited
Reduce, reduced                                                     Refer, referred
Refine, refined                                                         Reflect, reflected
Reform, reformed                                                    Refrain, refrained
Refresh, refreshed                                                  Refuse, refused
Register, registered                                                Regret, regretted
Regulate, regulated                                                 Rehearse, rehearsed
Reign, reigned                                                         Reject, rejected
Rejoice, rejoiced                                                      Relate, related
Rely, relied                                                                Remain, remained
Remember, remembered                                       Remind, reminded
Remove, removed                                                   Render, rendered
Renew, renewed                                                     Rent, rented
Repay, repaid                                                          Repeat, repeated
Repel, repelled                                                        Repent, repented
Replace, replaced                                                   Report, reported
Represent, represented                                          Request, requested
Require, required                                                     Rescue, rescued
Resemble, resembled                                             Reside, resided
Resign, resigned                                                     Resist, resisted
Respond, responded                                              Respect, respected
Rest, rested                                                              Restore, restored
Restrain, restrained                                                 Restrict, restricted
Result, resulted                                                        Resume, resumed
Retain, retained                                                       Retire, retired
Retreat, retreated                                                    Return, returned
Revise, revised                                                        Reveal, revealed
Revive, revived                                                        Revolt, revolted
Revolve, revolved                                                    Reward rewarded
Ring, rang, rung                                                       Rip, ripped
Rise, rose, risen                                                      Risk, risked
Roam, roamed                                                        Roar, roared
Roll, rolled                                                                Rouse, roused
Rub, rubbed                                                             Rule, ruled
Run, ran, run
Forms of Verbs “S”
Saddle, saddled                                                       Sag, sagged
Sail, sailed                                                                Salute, saluted
Save, saved                                                              Satisfy, satisfied
Say, said                                                                    Scatter, scattered
Scorn, scorned                                                          Scrub, scrubbed
Scuttle, scuttled                                                         See, saw, seen
Seal, sealed                                                               Search, searched
Secure, secured                                                        Second, seconded
Seek, sought                                                              Seem, seemed
Seize, seized                                                             Select, selected
Sell, sold                                                                     Send, sent                                        
Serve, served                                                             Set, set                                              
Settle, settled                                                             Sew, sewed, sewn
Shake, shook shaken                                               Shape, shaped
Shatter, shattered                                                     Shear, sheared       
Shed, shed                                                                Shelter, sheltered
Shift, shifted                                                               Sign, signed
Shine, shone                                                              Shirk, shirked
Shiver, shivered                                                        Shock, shocked      
Shoot, shot                                                                 Shout, shouted
Shudder, shuddered                                                 Shut, shut
Sigh, sighed                                                              Sight, sighted
Signal, signaled                                                        Sing, sang, sung
Sink, sank, sunk                                                       Slam, slammed       
Slap, slapped                                                            Slaughter, slaughtered
Smell, smelt                                                              Smile, smiled           
Smooth, smoothed                                                  Sneeze, sneezed    
Sip, sipped                                                                Soak, soaked
Soap, soaped                                                           Sob, sobbed 
Solve, solved                                                             Soothe, soothed
Sort, sorted                                                                Sow, sowed, sown  
Spare, spared                                                           Speak, spoke, spoken        
Spell, spelled                                                             Spend, spent                                               
Spill, spilt                                                                    Spill, spilt
Spin, spun                                                                 Spit, spat
Splash, splashed                                                      Split, split
Spoil, spoiled                                                            Spot spotted
Spray, sprayed                                                         Spur, spurred
Spy, spied                                                                 Spread, spread  
Stab, stabbed                                                           Stain, stained
Stammer, stammered                                             Start, started 
State, stared                                                             Starve, starved
Station, stationed                                                     Stay, stayed 
Steal, stole, stolen                                                   Stray, strayed
Stretch, stretched                                                     Stride, strode, stridden       
Strike, struck                                                             Strive, strove, striven
Stick, stuck                                                                Sting, stung
Stir, stirred                                                                 Stitch, stitched
Stock, stocked                                                          Stop, stopped
Store, stored                                                            Struggle, struggled 
Study, studied                                                          Stun, stunned
Submit, submitted                                                   Subtract, subtracted
Subscribe, subscribed                                            Suffer, suffered
Suggest, suggested                                                Suit, suited                                                   
Summon, summoned                                            Supply, supplied                                         
Support, supported                                                 Suppose, supposed                                   
Suppress, suppressed                                           Surpass, surpassed                                   
Surround, surrounded                                            Survive, survived                                        
Suspect, suspected                                                Suspend, suspended                                
Sustain, sustained                                                  Swallow, swallowed                                   
Swarm, swarmed                                                     Swear, swore, sworn
Sweep, swept                                                           Swing, swung 
Swim, swam, swum                                                 Swoop, swooped    
Forms of Verbs “T”
Tack, tacked                                                              Take, took, taken
Talk, talked                                                                Tap, tapped
Taste, tasted                                                            Tax, taxed
Teach, taught                                                           Tear, tore, torn
Tease, teased                                                           Tell, told
Telephone, telephoned                                          Tempt, tempted
Tend, tended                                                            Terminate, terminated
Terrify, terrified                                                         Test, tested
Tether, tethered                                                        Thank, thanked
Think, thought                                                          Thread, threaded
Thrill, thrilled                                                              Thrive, thrived
Throb, throbbed                                                        Throng, thronged
Throw, threw, thrown                                                Thrust, thrusted
Thunder, thundered                                                  Tie, tied
Tiptoe, tiptoed                                                           Tire, tired
Toil, toiled                                                                  Tolerate, tolerated
Top, topped                                                               Torture, tortured
Toss, tossed                                                              Touch, touched
Tour, toured                                                                Tow, towed
Trace, traced                                                              Track, tracked
Train, trained                                                              Transfer, transferred
Translate, translated                                                  Travel, traveled
Tread, treaded                                                           Treasure, treasured
Treat, treated                                                              Tremble, trembled
Trespass, trespassed                                               Trouble, troubled
Trust, trusted                                                               Try, tried
Tuck, tucked                                                                Tumble, tumbled
Turn, turned                                                                 Twist, twisted

Forms of Verbs “U”
Undergo, underwent, undergone                           Understand, understood
Undertake, undertook, undertaken                       Undo, undid, undone
Unfold, unfolded                                                      Uphold, upheld
Upset, upset                                                             Urge, urged
Use, used                                                                 Utter, uttered
Forms of Verbs “V”
Value, valued                                                           Vanish, vanished
Vary, varied                                                               Venture, ventured
Verify, verified                                                           Vex, vexed 
Visit, visited                                                                Vote, voted
Forms of Verbs “W”
Wag, wagged                                                            Wait, waited
Walk, walked                                                            Wander, wandered
Want, wanted                                                           Warn, warned
Wash, washed                                                         Waste, wasted
Watch, watched                                                       Wave, waved
Wear, wore, worn                                                     Weave, wove, woven
Wed, wedded                                                           Weep, wept
Weigh, weighed                                                       Welcome, welcomed
Whirl, whirled                                                           Whisper, whispered
Whistle, whistled                                                      Win, won
Wind, wound                                                            Wipe, wiped
Wish, wished                                                            Witness, witnessed
Wonder, wondered                                                  Work, worked
Worry, worried                                                          Wrap, wrapped
Wrestle, wrestled                                                      Wring, wrung
Write, wrote, written
Forms of Verbs “Y”

Yearn, yearned                                                        Yield, yielded

                                    More Forms of Verbs

Ask, asked, asked                                        Begin, began, begun

Boil, boiled, boiled                                       Break, broke, broken

Buy, bought, bought                                     Call, called, called  

Can, could, could                                         Catch, caught, caught

Come, came, come                                     Cut, cut, cut  

Die, died, died                                              Dig, dug, dug

Draw, drew, drawn                                       Eat, ate, eaten                     

Fall, fell, fallen                                               Find, found, found 

Fly, flew, flown                                              Get, got, got  

Give, gave, given                                          Hide, hid, hidden    
Hear, heard, heard                                      Jump, jumped, jumped                 

Keep, kept, kept                                            Leave, left, left

Look, looked, looked                                   Lose, lost, lost                                  

Make, made, made                                      Meet, met, met

Play, played, played                                     Pray, prayed, prayed

Put, put, put                                                   Read, read, read

Ride, rode, ridden                                        Ring, rang, run                                            

Rise, rose, arisen                                         Say, said, said                                 

See, saw, seen                                             Seek, sought, sought

Send, sent, sent                                            Sing, sang, sung                

Speak, spoke, spoken                                 Swim, swam, swum           

Take, took, taken                                           Teach, taught, taught

Tell, told, told                                                  Think, thought, thought                             

Touch, touched, touched                               Throw, threw, thrown                     

Use, used, used                                             Want, wanted, wanted

Wear, wore, worn                                           Write, wrote, written