Future Perfect Continuous Tense
The future perfect progressive emphasized the duration of an activity that will be in progress before another time event in future.


I’ll to bed at 10:00 p.m. He will get home at midnight. At midnight I will be sleeping. I will have sleeping for two hours by the time he gets home.

 Positive Sentence

·         It will have been raining since morning.
·         Boys will have been reading for a long time.
·         He will have been looking down upon the poor.
·         They will have been doing their work for two hours.
·         The birds will have been twittering since morning.
·         He will have been winding the watch.
·         She will have been buying sweets.

Negative Sentence

·         They will not have been wasting their time.
·         He will not have been suffering from typhoid fever.
·         The girls will have not been studying till late at night.
·         You will not have been going to school regularly.
·         The girls will not have been singing songs for two hours.
·         We shall not have been listening story since evening.
·         The girls will not have been skipping for a long time.
·         The poet will not have been reciting the poem for two hours.

Interrogative Sentence

·         Will they have been befooling you for four months?
·         Will she have been singing sweet songs?
·         Will he have been taking medicine regularly?
·         Will he have been solving sums for an hour?
·         Will they have been searching for their sons?
·         Will the Policeman have been pursuing the thief?
·         Will the juggler have been playing on a flute?