English Book                       Class 1st

                                                Unit - 1

is                          are                                 was                   were

shall                     will                                 can                       at     

on                        in                                   I                            we

you                      he                                  she                      they           

in                          on                                  at                          of               

for                         very                              the                       out                      

happy                              go                                  is going

flat                                  wait                                is waiting

hand                              stop                               is stopping

taxi                                stand                              is standing

side                              come                              is coming

bus                                wave                              is waving

house                              sit                                  is sitting

road                                get                                 is getting

petrol                             smile                              is smiling

                                                Unit  -  2

I                            me                                 my                     mine

we                        us                                  our                       you

your                     he                                  him                       his

she                      her                                 it                           its

they                     them                              their                     could

Mrs. Shahid

Today   is   Shab-e-Barat.      Mrs. Shahid     is     very       happy.

She is going to   her   sister’s house.   She is   waiting   for the   bus.

Now Mrs. Shahid is in the bud.      The bus   is going   to   Saddar.


The    tyre    is    flat.      The bus  is stopping.

Mrs. Shahid     is standing     at the side    of the    road.

A     taxi     is moving.      She      is waving      her       hand.

Mrs. Shahid   is sitting   in the   taxi. The taxi    is going to    Saddar.

Mrs. Shahid     is     very    happy.      The taxi    is stopping.

                                                Unit  -  3

I                            have                              a                           cat

His                       name                             is                          Rish

fur                         white                             and                      He/he

likes                     fish                                hunt                     hunts

walk                     walks                             about                    my

house                  He’s/He is                     always                 out

catch                   to catch                         mouse                 play

with                       him                                keep                   clean

smart                  smarter                         smartest

My     Cat

I    have     a     cat,     His     name    is    Rish,   His     fur     is    white,

And    he      likes    fish.   He     hunts     and     walks    about      my

house;    He’s     always    out,   To catch   a    mouse.    I     play    with

him,  and   keep   him   clean;   A   smarter   cat,   You’ve    never   seen

                                                Unit  -  4

                                      Outside  and  Inside

The                      sun                                is shining             It                

hot                       day                                man                     is mending

car                       boy                                near                     book

shop                    girl                                 is carrying           her   

shopping             Abdul                            is painting           gate           

bird                      tree                                Zarina                 house       

She                      is cooking                     lunch                  There        

plates                  on                                  table                    cups

shelf                    cooking                         pots                     stove                  

spoons                big                                 plate                    oranges    

bowl                     water                             by                         window     

baby                    is crying                         is going               is talking

is singing             Hush                             little                      don’t/do not

you                      cry                                 Mummy’s            going to sing

lunch                   Look                               bird                      not

now                      is drinking                     from                     bowl          

                                                Unit  -  5

                                      Outside  and  Inside

                                      Count down

One                     Two                     Three                            Four

Five                     Six                       Seven                           Eight

Nine                     Ten                      Eleven                          Twelve

Thirteen               Fourteen             Fifteen                          Sixteen

Seventeen          Eighteen             Nineteen                       Twenty


Black                             White                             Red                                Green

Blue                     Yellow                 Orange