·        Feet: I have two feet.

·        Feat: He showed many feats.

·        Fair: He went to the fair.

·        Fare: What is the railway fare from Lahore to Karachi?

·        Flour: Flour is cheap in this city.

·        Floor: Do not spit on the floor.

·        Foul: He plays a foul game.

·        Fowl: I saw water fowls in the zoo.

·        Gate: He met me at the gate.

·        Gait: She has a charming gait.

·        Gaol: He was sent to the gaol.

·        Goal: Death is not the goal of life.

·        Heel: A thorn has run into my heel.

·        Heal: The wound will heal soon.

·        Healthy: A healthy man can enjoy life.

·        Healthful: Morning walk is healthful for our body.

·        Idle: Do not sit idle.

·        Idol: The Arabs worshipped idols.

·        Invent: Marcony invented radio.

·        Discover: Columbus discovered American.

·        Ice: He sells ice.

·        Snow: Show is falling.

·        Loose: Your coat is loose.

·        Lose: He will lose the change.

·        Lesson: He has learnt his lesson.

·        Lessen: Try to lessen the work.

·        Letter: Write a letter.

·        Latter: Of wealth and health, the latter is more important.

·        Liar: do not trust in a liar.

·        Lawyer: I want to become a lawyer.

·        Lovely: Rose is a lovely flower.

·        Lovable: She is nice and lovable.

·        Medal: Ali has won a silver medal.

·        Meddle: Do not meddle in my affairs.

·        Meet: I want to meet him.

·        Meat: I eat meat.

·        Metal: Gold is a very useful metal.

·        Mettle: Ali showed his mettle in the battlefield.

·        Marry: He wants to marry her.

·        Merry: Eat, drink and be merry.

·        Miner: He is a miner.

·        Minor: These details are of minor importance.

·        Necessity: It is the necessity of time to work hard.

·        Necessary: It is necessary for you to prepare for the examination.

·        Observation: Ali has quick observation.

·        Observance: Observance of laws is necessary for every citizen.

·        Prophet: The Holy Prophet (SAW) was born in Makkah.

·        Profit: He is getting good profit.

·        Populous: China is a populous country.

·        Popular: Ali is very popular among his friends.

·        Principal: He is principal of our college.

·        Principle: He is a man of principle.

·        Piece: Please give me a piece of paper.

·        Peace: I like peace everywhere in the world.

·        Prey: Hawk is a bird of prey.

·        Pray: Pray for my success.

·        People: People of Pakistan love their country.

·        Peoples: Different peoples live in America.

·        Pore: There are many pores in our body.

·        Pour: Pour some more milk.

·        Quiet: Please keep quite.

·        Quite: I am quite well.

·        Respectable: He belongs to a respectable family.

·        Respectful: We should be respectful to our teachers.

·        Rein: The horse man pulled the reins of the horse.

·        Rain: It rained yesterday.

·        Robbed: The robbers robbed the woman of her money.

·        Stolen: Alia’s jewellery was stolen by the thief.

·        Role: He performed an important role in this drama.

·        Roll: My name was at the top in the roll.

·        Root: Some plants have long roots.

·        Route: You should follow the right route.

·        Story: He told me a story.

·        Storey: This house has two storeys.

·        Sail: The ship is sailing.

·        Sale: This house is for sale.

·        Sinking: The ship is sinking.

·        Drowning: The man is being drowned.

·        Stationary: Our earth is not stationary.

·        Stationery: I bought this note book from a stationery shop.

·        Sole: The sole of this shoe is very hard.

·        Soul: We have to work hard to keep our body and soul together.

·        Scene: This scene is very beautiful.

·        Seen: I have seen her after a long time.

·        Teach: He teaches us English.

·        Learn: We learn English from Mr. Ali.

·        Team: Our team won the match.

·        Teem: The forest teems with birds.

·        Urbane: His manners are refined and urbane.

·        Urban: He does not have any urban property.

·        Vain: He tried again and again but all in vain.

·        Vein: Our body has countless veins.

·        Vale: I have never seen the vale of Kashmir.

·        Veil: She wears veil.

·        Wine: Do not drink wine.

·        Vine: There is a big vine-yard in our village.

·        Waste: Do not waste your time.

·        Waist: He tied the sling rope to the straps around his waist.

·        Write: Can you write a letter?

·        Right: Always choose the right path.

·        Wave: The waves of the sea followed one another silently.

·        Waive: The age limit was waived off in favour of candidates.

·        Way: Please tell me the way to Kasur.

·        Weigh: This bundle weighs fifty pounds.

·        Weak: He is too weak to walk.

·        Week: Seven days make a week.

·        Access: I have no access to the Headmaster.

·        Excess: Excess of everything is bad.

·        Artist: He is an Artist.

·        Artisan: A carpenter is an artisan.

·        Bridal: She is wearing a bridal dress.

·        Bridle: Can you control a horse without a bridle?

·        Bad: He is a bad boy.

·        Bade: He bade me good-bye.

·        Cast: She cast a glance at me.

·        Caste: He is Syed by caste.

·        Cattle: The cattle are grazing.

·        Kettle: He put the kettle on fire.

·        Canvas: I want to buy a shoe made of canvas.

·        Canvass: He is canvassing for me.

·        Coarse: Pakistan exports coarse cloth.

·        Course: This question is out of course.

·        Council: I am a member of the college council.

·        Counsel: I gave him a wise counsel.

·        Cite: He cited the verses of Holy Quran.

·        Sight: It was a good sight.

·        Custom: Sati is a bad custom.

·        Habit: Smoking is a bad habit.

·        Check: He checked my account.

·        Cheque: It is a hundred rupee cheque.

·        Deer: I saw a deer in the forest.

·        Dear: He is very dear to me.

·        Disease: Small pox is a bad disease.

·        Deceased: The body of the deceased was laid to rest.

·        Dual: I want dual desks.

·        Duel: they fought a duel.

·        Famous: Iqbal is a famous poet.

·        Notorious: He is a notorious gambler.

·        Hear: I hear with my ears.

·        Listen: Listen to me.
·        Hail: It was hailing.

·        Hale: I am quite hale.

·        Hair: He has curly hair.

·        Hare: The hare runs fast.

·        Hole: There is a hole in the wall.

·        Whole: He told me the whole story.

·        Industrial: Faisalabad is an industrial city.

·        Industrious: Ali is an industrious boy.

·        Journey: Write an essay on railway journey.

·        Voyage: He made a voyage to Ceylon.

·        Knotty: I can solve knotty problems.

·        Naughty: He is a naughty boy.

·        Lion: He saw a lion.

·        Loin: Gird up your loin.

·        Main: It is main gate of the building.

·        Mane: He caught the horse by the mane.

·        Male: He has no male issue.

·        Mail: It is mail train.