Past Perfect Tense

a.   It expresses an activity that completed before another activity or time.
My parents had already eaten lunch by the time I got home.
The train had left before I reached the station.
b.   It can used for an action, which began before the time of speaking in the past and was still continuing at that time.


Zahid was in uniform when I met him. He had been a solider since he was 17 and planned to stay in the army till he was thirty.
c.   It show an action that began before that time of speaking in past and stopped at that time or just before it.


The old oak tree, which had stood there for more than 100 years suddenly crashed to the ground.
d.   It indicates an action, which began before the time of speaking in the past and completed sometime before the time of speaking.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         He had gone to school.
·         He had finished his work.
·         Zahid had solved sums.
·         The dogs had slept.
·         He had killed a snake.
·         He had posted the letter.
·         The horse had eaten grass.
·         Ali had covered his course.

Negative Sentence

·         He had not bought bananas.
·         We had not eaten fresh fruit.
·         They had not invited their friends.
·         The farmers had not harvested their crops.
·         He had not shut the doors of the room.
·         Zahid had not written a letter to his brother.
·         He had not played foot-ball.
·         The juggler had not shown his feats.

 Interrogative Sentence
·         Had you sold your house?
·         Had all the schools closed in June.
·         Had he called me after you left?
·         Had he drunk fresh milk?
·         Had he come here?
·         Had he missed the train?
·         Had Zahid gone to London by air?
·         Had he blown out the candle?