Past Perfect Continuous Tense

a.   When an action began before the time of speaking in the past and continued up to that time, or stopped before that we use past perfect continuous tense.


It was now six and he was tired because he had been working since dawn.
b.   A repeated action in the past can sometimes be expressed as a continuous by the past perfect tense.


        She had been trying to get her on the phone.
c.   It emphasizes the duration of an activity that was in progress before another activity or time in past.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         He had been helping his relatives.
·         They all had been preparing for the examination.
·         She had been plucking flowers since morning.
·         It had been raining for two hours.
·         He had been ploughing for many days.
·         The patient had been taking this medicine for a month.
·         The cook had been preparing breakfast since morning.
·         The washer man had been washing clothes for three hours.

Negative Sentence

·         The girl had not been learning her lesson.
·         He had not been taking exercise regularly.
·         He had not been attending school daily.
·         They had not been taking part in the games.
·         Zahid had not been reading newspaper regularly.
·         The horses bad not been eating grass.
·         They had not been serving their country.
·         He had not been wasting his time.

Interrogative Sentence
·         Had you been eating sweet mangoes?
·         Had the peon been ringing the bell?
·         Had the juggler been showing his feats?
·         Had the gardener been planting the plants?
·         Had he been singing for two hours?
·         Had it been raining heavily since morning?
·         Had the shopkeeper been giving short measures?
·         Had the baby been weeping for half an hour?