Present Progressive Tense

a.   It indicates an activity which is in progress at the moment of speaking.


He cannot meet you because he is attending a very important meeting.
b.   It expresses more general present.


        What is shahid doing these days? He is writing a novel.
        We must notice here that shahid is sitting at this desk as this moment and writing. But it means that shahid has started writing the novel but not finished yet.
c.   It is used with always to describe an action that happens more frequently.


        My brother is always working.
        It does not mean that he works 24 hours a day without any break. It means he works a lot.
d.   It describes future planning.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         He is going.
·         She is speaking English now.
·         They are coming to dinner on Sunday.
·         It is raining at present.
·         The baby is crying for milk now.

Negative Sentence

·         Good children are not laughing at the poor.
·         I am not feeling cold.
·         Zahid is not speaking the truth.
·         She is not boiling water.
·         The sun is not setting.
·         He is not throwing the ball.
·         The farmer is not ploughing.
·         Dogs are not barking.
Interrogative Sentence
·                     Are you feeling sleepy?
·                     Are you feeling giddy?
·                     Is the Radio playing?
·                     Are the thieves breaking into?
·                     Is Zahid white washing the room?
·                     Is he playing on the flute?
·                     Is Zahid learning his lesson?
·                     Is the farmer sowing wheat in the fields?