Present Perfect Tense

a.   With ‘just’ it shows a recently completed action.


        He has just gone out.
        It means he went out a few minutes ago.
b.   It expresses an action completed in past but the time is not known.


I have read Harky’s ‘The Mayor of Caster Bridge’.
The time is not shown. I may have read the novel ten years ago or only yesterday.
c.   Show an action that completed sometime in past and may occur again.


        Shahid has written a number of short stories.
        He may write more as he’s still alive and can write.
d.   Tells about the action occurring in an incomplete period.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         He has kept me waiting.
·         She has sent him back.
·         I already have posted the letter.
·         I already have taken three cups of coffee.
·         She has gone to her house.
·         Zahid has finished this book.
·         I have taken my meal.
·         The child has taken your ball.
·         He has left school.
·         He has lighted the lamp.
·         I have sold all the newspapers.

Negative Sentence

·         They have not eaten their meal.
·         We have not boiled eggs.
·         He has not posted the letter.
·         We have not plucked flowers.
·         The woman has not prepared tea.
·         The fisherman has not caught fish.
·         The watch has not struck ten.
·         Zahid has not scored a century.
Interrogative Sentence
·         Have you trimed the wick of the lamp?
·         Has Shahid bought a new camera?
·         Have you rented a house?
·         Have you taken a dose of medicine?
·         Has he put out the lamp?
·         Has the rainy season set in?
·         Have you fulfilled your promise?
·         Has the baby broken the bowl?