Simple Future Tense

a.   It indicated the speaker’s opinion, assumptions, and speculations about the future. The future simple can be used with or without time expression.


He will build a house.
This is a mere opinion and gives no idea when the construction will start. It may be recalled that in Present Progress Tense we have already discussed that for planned future we say:
                        He is building a house.
                        He is going to build a house.
In these two sentences it is shown that he has already made the decision and that he will probably start the work quite soon but in the first sentence having ‘will’ it is just an opinion and no decision.
b.   The future simple is used for future habitual actions, which we assume will take place.


Spring will come again.
Birds will build nests.

c.   It is also used to express intention at the moment of decision.


        Shahid (having no conveyance): I don’t know how to go home.
        Kamal (having a car): don’t worry I will drop you.
We have noticed that Kamal has said these words at the same time when Shahid showed his worry.
d.   It is used for weather forecasts.


The fog will persist in all the areas.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         I shall go to Lahore tomorrow.
·         I shall take you along with me.
·         He will see you at the station.
·         The virtuous will go to heaven.
·         You will be friend.
·         He will help me.
·         He will keep his promise.
·         The horse will run fast.

Negative Sentence

·         I shall not punish him.
·         He will not swim in the river.
·         I shall not go tomorrow.
·         The hunter will not climb up the tree.
·         It will not rain tomorrow.
·         He will not recover soon.
·         The boys will not take test.
·         The carpenter will not sell chairs.
·         The dog will not steal meat.
·         Ali will not fly a kite.

Interrogative Sentence
·         Will he solve the sum?
·         Shall I write him a letter?
·         Will the fever leave you?
·         Will the children play hide and seek?
·         Will you sing a song?
·         Will he take medicine?
·         Will the girls make a noise?
·         Will you take a bath?