Simple Past Tense

a.   It expresses an action completed in past at a definite time. There is often an adverbial of time in the sentence.


I met him yesterday.
“Yesterday” is an adverbial of time.
b.   It indicates an action that clearly took place at a definite time, though the time is not mentioned.


        How did you get your present job?
        I bought this car in Islamabad.
c.   It shows an action whose time is not given but which occupied a period of time now ended.


He worked in that bank for four years.
He does not work there now.

d.   It indicates a very recent past.

More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         He bought a pen.
·         Zahid told a lie.
·         The fog stole a piece of meat.
·         They bought new pens.
·         My brother brought a dozen bananas.
·         We saw the zoo.
·         The guard blew a whistle.
·         He got a first prize.
·         He came from his office two hours ago.
·         She went to school an hour ago.
·         She asked why they had wanted to leave early.
·         She asked me if I was looking for my patient.
·         She gave all the money to the poor and the needy.
·         They reached Lahore some days ago.
·         They came when you have left.
·         I met her in the plane.
·         Allama Iqbal composed many beautiful poems for us.
·         Quaid-e-Azam undertook a country-wide tour.
·         The water was drunk daily.
·         The fire burnt at night.

Negative Sentence

·         They did not listen to me.
·         You did not solve the sum.
·         He did not send me a gift.
·         The weaver did not weave the cloth.
·         The crow did not drink water.
·         The gardener did not pluck flowers.
·         The peon did not ring the bell.
·         He did not kill the snake.

Interrogative Sentence

·         Did they see lion?
·         Did you aim at the dove?
·         Did the horse run fast?
·         Did he bring apples?
·         Did they catch the thief?
·         Did Zahid stand first in the examination?
·         Did it rain yesterday?
·         Did you learn the poem by heart?
·         Did she comb her hair?
·         Did the match end in a draw?