Present Perfect Progressive Tense

a.   This tense is used for an action which began in past and is still continuing and may continue in future.


He has been waiting to see you since 2 O’ clock.
b.   Sometimes, it shows an activity that is now ended. In such cases there emphasis on the continuity of the activity. The continuity and un interrupted nature of the activity often emphasized in this way often as an explanation or excuse for something.


I don’t feel like going this evening. I have been working in the garden all day.
Please excuse my dirty clothes! I’ve been cleaning out the garden shed.
More Examples

Positive Sentence

·         She has been working since morning.
·         The book has been lying on the table for weeks.
·         Zahid has been crying for two hours.
·         He has been taking exercise since morning.
·         Dogs have been barking for two hours.
·         Nasima has been weeping since morning.
·         He has been reading his book for an hour.
·         She has been peeing into the room for two hours.
·         He has been living in this house since 1980.
·         He has been ailing for many months.

Negative Sentence

·         He has not been cheating any one.
·         He has not been singing songs since morning.
·         He has not been running this business for six months.
·         Zahid has not been running for an hour.
·         We have not been flying a kite since morning.
·         He has not been running this factory for three years.
·         He has not been telling a lie for an hour.
·         Zahid has not been playing cricket for three years.
Interrogative Sentence
·         Have you been reciting the Holy Quran since morning?
·         Has the well been working since 2’ O clock?
·         Has Zahid been sleeping for an hour?
·         Have you been dozing since 4’ O clock?
·         Has Razia been sweeping since noon?
·         Has the farmer been ploughing for two years?
·         Has your brother been dealing in cloth for a year?
·         Have the children been playing hide and seek since morning?