Summaries of Poems
English Book 10th Class Lahore Board

                        1)         The Character of a Happy Life

            This poem is written by Henry Wotton. The man is happy who is born and educated. He is true to his words and honest in thoughts. He has no fear of death. He is not jealous. The flatterers cannot deceive him. The cruel persons cannot ruin him. He passes his day in the company of religious book or a good friend. He has no fear of ups and downs of life. He has nothing of his own but has everything. The truth is his only skill. He is not controlled by his passions. He is always ready to face the death. He is not slave of others. His conscience is his fort.

                        2)         Blessings of God

            This poem is written by Cecil Alexander. The poet says that the God has made all the things. He has created great objects like mountains and small things like tiny birds. He has made beautiful flowers and singing birds. He has gifted us cold winter and pleasant summer. He has created the tall threes and the meadows where we play. He has given us eyes to see and lips to praise them. The Almighty God is great Who is the creator of all these things.

                        3)         My Mother

            This poem is written by Ann Taylor. The poetess tells us that her mother looked after he when she was a little child. When she was sleeping in her cradle her mother watched her and she shed tears of love. She dressed her with beautiful clothes. She listened her attentively that she had to say. Whenever she fell, her mother came running to save her. She told her a good story and kissed her forehead to make her normal. She has determined to serve her, when she will grow old, feeble and weak.

                        4)         A Little Word

            In this poem, the poet teaches us a moral lesson about our thoughts and deeds. Our little words and little deeds have good or bad effects on others. A bad word or cruel look can break hearts in the same way as the mishandling can crush a budding flower. Therefore, we should speak gently. We should behave well with others.

                        5)         A Nation’s Strength

            This poem is written by T.W. Emerson. According to poet, no nation can aspire greatness on the basis of its material resources (wealth) only. It is the members of the nations whose efforts and hard work can lift the nation to the heights of glory provided they are truthful, self-respecting, steadfast, hardworking and can bear trial manfully. It is the men not wealth that makes a nation great and strong. Wealth does not make a nation great and powerful. A nation cannot be great without brave men.

                        6)         A Fragment

            This poem is written by H.W. Longfellow. He says us to get up. We are too late. The angels are knocking at our door. They are in a hurry. They have to go. If we go on taking rest we will lose our strength. We will become like a barren land where only weeds grow.